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No worries, NO SPOILERS. This is going to be just a quick little article about what my experience was like before and after seeing Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice.

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice came out yesterday and for most, there were early features on March 24th (the day before it's official release). I went see it with my brothers for one of these early features. Walking into this movie, after waiting so long for it to come out, having to switch tickets, and waiting an hour and a half in line, I was feeling overwhelmed with excitement, questions, and concerns. I had honestly no idea how things would really turn out with this movie. Questions were running through my head like:

  • Is Ben Affleck really going to do this amazing role justice after all the hate?
  • How is this movie going to end?
  • How are the other Justice League members going to be introduced, was it going to be a little jumbled up or well introduced?

Since we were one of the first in line, when we were finally allowed to go in the theater, my brothers and I ran right to the best seats before everybody. We were excited to see this movie and the fact that it was finally happening was very relieving, plus we got the best sets in the theater so that made it better. Nerves and everything, we ready for whatever this movie was going to bring us.

After having been in a movie theater for about four hours in total, I left feeling pretty unexplainable. It was a mixture of all different kinds of emotions I was having. I was confused, shocked, and delighted by everything that I had just watched. I made it home and my thoughts were just flowing.

I loved that I was actually completely wrong about Ben Affleck's ability to play this beloved character. I assumed that maybe he couldn't adapt to being either Bruce or Batman like needed, but he knocked that out of the park. The music was just as great and the same as in Man of Steel (thanks to Hans Zimmer). There were elements to the movie that were true to life and incredibly deep and revealing. Also, I'm not going to give any spoilers, so I'll just say that there were limits reached that I wasn't expecting and that really were bold and daring, but maybe completely necessary to take the movie- maybe even the whole DCCU to the next level it needed.

However, I was really upset about how much hate the movie was already receiving from critics and how that was already influencing some opinions about the movie. As well, because many people were so against some decisions made for the movie before it came out, some couldn't let go of that and just appreciate the movie for what it was. I honestly had my own doubts, as mentioned above, however I realized I needed to just wait and see the movie before I could judge just yet. I do understand that anyone can have an opinion but sometimes an opinion can be so wrong or uneeded in a moment and some really push their opinion more then needed, which happened to be one element proven in the movie that ironically was true in the day.

Overall, I really like the movie a lot, I guess I can say that I love it. I am looking forward to seeing it again very soon.


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