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Former Melrose Place vixen Marcia Cross turns 54 today. The actress took to Twitter to gratefully thank all of her fans who took the time to wish her a Happy Birthday, by tweeting:

In celebration of her birthday, here are 3 of my favorite Marcia Cross moments in the 90s FOX soap Melrose Place:

1. When Things Really Blew Up On Melrose Place

Marcia Cross' portrayal of, the mentally disturbed, Dr. Kimberly Shaw was notably one of the most iconic Melrose Place characters. And speaking of iconic, Cross delivered a steller performance when her character blew up the Melrose apartment building in the season finale of the show's third season. The scene was certainly one of my favorites in the series, and I believe I'm certainly not alone! Who doesn't love a season finale shocker?

Kimberly Wearing A Wig

In season 2, Kimberly's love affair Michael Mancini was driving her home drunk. He lost control of the car, and they suffer a terrible accident. Kimberly sipped into a coma and was transported home to Cleveland, Ohio by her mother Marion. Eventually Cross' character unexpectedly returned, but unfortunately sporting a nasty scar underneath a wig she now wears. Along with which she also suffered awful migraines. The scar Kimberly reveals is horrific, and one of my favorite additions to the show. Cross really started to prove herself as a badass and certainly deserved every award possible!

3. Dr. Kimberly Shaw Goes Mental Asylum Crazy!

Cross' character takes an even wackier turn in the shows fourth season when it is revealed Kimberly has multiple personalities. One of which, takes over a mental asylum and tries to give Peter a lobotomy because he institutionalized her earlier in the season. Cross got to portray different characters in one show, and she nailed every one of them!!!

Happy Birthday Marcia Cross!!


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