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Recently I was able to read what I believe to be a script for the now scrapped Halloween Returns film. And from what I've read, it's great at some points, while disappointing in other areas. Here's what the they got right:

It was going to be be the most suspenseful Halloween flick we've seen in a long, long, time.

When the former director (Marcus Dunstan) spoke about his vision for the film, he really put an emphasis on his goal to make it suspenseful and scary like the originals. Gladly, the script delivered in that area. Classic Myers moments are littered all throughout the movie, and similar to the original film, POV shots were going to be be used quite a bit.

Michael Myers is nothing like Rob Zombie's version, and was going to be be a lot smarter this time around

Michael Myers was going to be much more like his original version this time around. He isn't bursting through everyone's front door anymore; instead he's lurking around peoples houses and backyards, which has always been much scarier in my opinion. He's also more like the original Michael Myers in the way that he's able to cleverly escape deathly situations, something we see him do in almost all of the Halloween movies.

The death row escape scene was going to be be epic!

Without saying too much, Myers' escape from being put to death was pretty awesome on his part. I liked the notion that his evil and hatred for other people is so deep, he won't even let himself die!

His classic look was going to be brought back

An official return back to the classic Michael Myers look would please most fans of the original series. Luckily, the director decided to do just that. And Myers was indeed going to have his clean white mask and jumpsuit.

That's it for what I actually enjoyed about the script. Now, we can go over the more unpleasant parts of it.

It messes up the timeline...big time

I know period pieces are more expensive to get done, but Michael Myers, Jason, Freddy, and the rest of the popular horror figures don't fit into the 21st century. However, this script puts Myers right in the middle of 2015 with selfie taking teenagers ... and that just doesn't work for me.

Some of the kills are too predictable for my liking

Don't get me wrong, there are a few really nice kills in the film, but the neck slicing is one signature Myers move I'm tired of seeing. That could just be me though.

This version of Michael Myers wasn't going to be the Boogeyman

As most of you probably know, Halloween Returns was going to have Myers on death row. This means he would have to be arrested, put on trial, and everything else. Again, this process doesn't seem fitting for figures like Michael Myers. It brings him a little too far down to earth.


Halloween Returns was by no means going to be a perfect Halloween movie. And perhaps it's best they're rethinking the story and direction. On the flip side though, it was going to be tons better than the worst in the series (Rob Zombie's Halloween 2, Halloween Resurrection).

It all comes down to this. If you were in favor of the story before, then you were probably going to love this movie. But if you weren't too sure about Michael Myers being on death row, then you probably would've hated this movie.


Were you excited about Halloween Returns?


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