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Now by this point the reviews have already come piling in on why BvS should be considered a flop for the up and coming DCEU. It's seems as if the DCEU is already being judged before it even takes off. That said, the real problem is not the movie but the fans themselves. What is the problem you might ask? It's that we have grown accustom to the ways of Marvel movies or the so called "Marvel Formula".

Looks a little like this (minus a few characters).
Looks a little like this (minus a few characters).


Marvel has gone completely unrivaled at the box office for years when it comes to superhero films. The arrival of BvS finally presents a challenge to Marvel as a superhero film powerhouse. Which is great news for superhero fans around the world. We now officially have two powerhouses that are going to constantly try to outdo each other at the box office which means better movies (or at least hopefully). Also, let it be noted that BvS has already made over $65 million on an international scale this week; as well as, a raking in a whopping $27.7 million on Thursday night. This gives BvS a potential weekend gross of just north of $150 million, making it a close rival of Avengers: AOU at $191.3 million. The depending factor will be on the opening sales of Friday night to see if Snyder's efforts will match that of Whedon's.

Justice League

The probably most promising item of BvS was the introduction of the members of the Justice League. They were introduced through Lex Luthor's files being viewed by Bruce Wayne. Bruce opened a file titled "Meta-Humans", which contained servailance footage and photographs of most of the members of the Justice League. Which included Wonder Woman, Flash, Cyborg, and Aquaman.

Wonder Woman
Wonder Woman

Gal Gadot did a great job of bringing Wonder Woman to life. Although I don't consider myself to be much of a Wonder Woman fan, I too was taken away by her performance. Not to mention the audience roared in applause at my Thursday night IMAX 3D screening.

Plan and simple, BvS is still better than what you might think.


Will you being seeing BvS if you haven't already?


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