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Sheldon To Have Coitus again? - Jim Parsons Wants It Happen!

With Leonard and Penny getting married, Howard and Bernadette realising that they're going to become parents and Sheldon and Amy finally get under the covers. Not only that, the show has hit 200 hundred episodes! As you can see, Season 9 of 'The Big Bang Theory' has been a big Season! But Jim Parsons has revealed that he wants Sheldon to have coitus with Amy again.

To celebrate this spectacular milestone, the cast of The Big Bang Theory have revealed their favourite moments of the show to date! The cast and writers gathered together on stage at PaleyFest to tell everyone what they loved the most.

1 - Kaley Cuoco - All About The Marriage

Kaley has been wanting Leonard and Penny to get married for ages. Some may see it as 'banter' and some may see it as deep romance. Cuoco noted that she loves the idea of Leonard and Penny getting hooked together and getting married! Especially in Vegas. Reffering to Penny's evolution, Kaley said this on stage:

"She has a real job now. She's married to her best friend. I've said from the pilot, it was my dream they would get married." - Kaley Cuoco

2 - Johnny Galecki - "I Love You"

Johnny has admitted he loved Penny and Leonard's wedding, but he has revealed that he doesn't feel it was the most emotional moment Penny and Leonard have shared. Leonard's love life has been up and down 24/7. Galecki had said on stage that the moment that has always remained with him the most was when Penny and Leonard first said "I love you".

"The first time we said it out loud was really nice."- Johnny Galecki

3 - Jim Parsons - Shamy To Have Coitus Again!

Were you remarkably happy to see Amy and Sheldon to go a step further in their love life? Many fans were and many fans were shocked. When Jim was questioned about this moment, he gradually explained that the experience opened up a whole new realm of possibilities for them both.

"I never thought Sheldon would have sex on this show. I look forward to doing it again. I discovered a new way of conversing with an actor on this show that was pillow talk! I can't wait to be back in bed again." - Jim Parsons

4 - Simon Helberg - On Screen Father

The actor who plays Howard has revealed that he is excited to be a father on the show. Simon is a father of two in reality. Simon said he hopes reality can help Howard when it comes to it. Simon said this on stage:

"I was hoping Howard would give me some advice. I look forward to it," he said. "Every time I open the script, I'm just blown away." - Simon Helberg

5 - Mayim Bialik - Fan-Girling Over Adam West

Is it your dream to meet the original Batman? Mayim said she totally fan-girled over Adam West when she met him. Mayim has admitted that she struggled to keep it together when she finally met him. This is because Adam West is her childhood Hero.

"I cried when I met him. He was the Batman of my youth." - Mayim Bialik

6 - Kunal Nayyar - All About The Hair

You may have noticed that Raj's hair changed numerous times during the show. Originally it was curly. Then it suddenly changed. Kunal said this:

"I have curly hair in real life," he said. "And, if you actually notice in the first season, Raj has like, hipster, curly hair. In the second season, for some reason, they started straightening my bangs." - Kunal Nayyar

Sadly Melissa Rauch who plays Bernadette couldn't be at PaleyFest. But she sure has had a lot of memorable moments on the show. I'll let you decide her favourite moment. The idea for the 200th episode celebration came to the team at the nick of time! It was however put together extremely well in a short space of time.

"At the last minute, while trying to figure out what we might do, we remembered that it was a year ago that Sheldon had admitted to Penny that it was his birthday." - Steven Molaro, the shows Writer and Exec Producer

We all like a good party. Especially Sheldon! If you have a favourite moment, shar eit in the comments!


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