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Anxiously, I have been waiting for this movie for four years. Now, I know most reading are probably saying, "But, the movie was announced three years ago." Well, after watching The Dark Knight Rises, I did a review on my YouTube channel stating that they should make should make some kind of Batman and Superman crossover film. A year later, during Comic Con, they announced that Batman would be, in what we all thought, the sequel to Man of Steel. Though this film is sort of a continuation of the latter, it itself is its own movie. A prologue into next year's Justice League, if you would. I mean, "Justice" is in the title.

Now, after walking out of the theater, accompanied with my 22 year old non-comic book reading little brother, he sparked a few questions and some concerns about the movie that were on par with mine. My little brother may not be informative when it comes to comic books, but just as any average movie goer, he enjoys the superhero genre, but leans to his older brother when he's clueless about certain easter eggs or references that comic fans would instantly pick up.

After doing my review, which you can watch below, I got a few complaints from fans that wanted me to be more elaborate on what I thought was the problem with the film and why major critics are condemning it. First off, I enjoyed the movie and so did my brother and nephew, but with everything good, there's always flaws.


The movie runs about 2 hours and 30 minutes. There were certain scenes I would've cut out. The first scene I would've deleted, was the scene where Bruce enters into his parents' cemetery. Although it spooked me, when the beast popped out of Martha Wayne's stone, what was the purpose of that scene? Of course Martha is name of Superman's Earth mother, and the woman that Batman saves towards the end, there were other flashbacks of Martha Wayne already. My thing was, during the opening credits, we received yet another origin of Bruce Wayne and the murder of his parents and because Bruce couldn't save his parents, out of kindness, he rescues someone else's mother. Pretty sure audiences would've picked up on that without the startling scene.

Speaking of Martha Kent, her scene, when Clark came to visit her on the farm, had just about the same message as her late husband told Clark during his flashback: Hope. It was cool to see the great Kevin Costner reprise his role one more time, but I felt that his scene with Clark was more pivotal than it was with Martha. I love Diane Lane, but that scene had to go.

No After Credits Stinger?

Granted, I know everyone wants DC to best Marvel in the film department, but what makes going to a Marvel movie so special, is the presence of an after credits scene. DC, 5 years ago, tried to pull that off with Green Lantern, with their attempt at showing Sinestro putting on the famous yellow ring.

DC's only stinger.
DC's only stinger.

Even though during the movie they teased us with cameos of future Justice League members, it would've been nice to see something to wet the appetites of DC fans and regular movie goers, alike. Something like, I don't know, maybe the appearance of Darkseid? Who is Darkseid? Let's just say he's the equivalent to Marvel's Thanos.

Bruce had two dreams about Darkseid. One during the desert sequence, where we see Darkseid's symbol drawn on the sand and the other that included The Flash(played by Ezra Miller) warning about a threat. At the end of the film, Lex starts freaking out in his jail cell, repeating the words, "He's coming. He's coming." Again, to DC fans, we know who "he" is, but to non-fans, question marks float above their heads.

See the symbol?
See the symbol?

Would've been nice to see a Thanos-esque scene like in The Avengers, but with Darkseid. After all, Wonder Woman mentions that she's battled creatures from other worlds before.

If not Darkseid, perhaps a nice nod to the upcoming Suicide Squad, would have sufficed. Last year, it was rumored that The Joker, played by Jared Leto, was supposedly going to make an appearance in this film and it would lead onto Suicide Squad. Hell, a few Batman villains are on the Suicide Squad as well, like: Harley Quinn, Killer Croc and Deadshot. In fact, Batman himself makes a cameo in the upcoming movie, taking down Joker and Harley.

Aside from those flaws, I am still looking forward to what else the DC Extended Universe has to offer. I'm not a Wonder Woman fan, but after watching this movie, 2017 can't get here fast enough. In the mean time, if you love comic books or their movies being adapted, be sure to subscribe to my channel.


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