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Ok, before I start this, I would like to just do my little fanboy squeal!!! OMG THIS MOVIE WAS FREAKING AMAZING!!!! IT WAS BEYOND AWESOME!!!! I've not seen a comic book movie reference SO MUCH material in one movie before!!! Below is a small spoiler of the easter eggs i caught, i'm sure there's so many that i completely missed.

In case you were wondering, the only easter eggs i caught were when Superman was made (1938), getting cats out of trees, Aquaman, The Flash, and Cyborg, and last but not least Robin.

Ok, now to proceed with the actual review. We all had our doubts about Batfleck right? I got to give the man his credit. Ben Affleck his credit,

Ben Affleck as Bruce Wayne, Batman vs. Superman.
Ben Affleck as Bruce Wayne, Batman vs. Superman.

, he did, indeed, due Batman justice, but I'm not so sure about Bruce Wayne. Unfortunately, the character Bruce Wayne didn't have a part hardly at all, where as, Batman premiered in the majority of the movie. Bruce Wayne is supposed to be this suave aristocrat by day, and moonlight as The Dark Knight, maybe it was because Wayne didn't have a very large part in this movie that i feel Affleck needed to do a little better as Wayne. We were not really given a chance to see Affleck's skills as the suave aristocrat.

Superman, my childhood hero of course, was amazing. I was skeptical about Man of Steel when they first announced it and announced him as the leading role of our favorite Kryptonian. I became even more skeptical when they changed the original film score from the one made famous by John Williams in 1978. Then they released Man of Steel, and like a loyal fanboy I rushed to the box office and sat through an amazing reboot. And again Henry Cavill

Henry Cavill as Superman.  Batman vs. Superman
Henry Cavill as Superman. Batman vs. Superman

gives a stellar performance as Clark Kent/Superman. Though a little dark, and a little more brooding than I remember in the comics, i still enjoyed it.

And introducing Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman.

Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman In Batman vs. Superman
Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman In Batman vs. Superman

As badass as she is gorgeous. She does not have a very large part in the movie, but is a pivotal character as she whoops up on the big bad guy. I wish she would have showcased a little more as Wonder Woman. She spends most of her time as Diana Prince. Oh well, I guess we'll just have to wait until next year for her movie to come out to see her as Wonder Woman more.

Now here is one i didn't see coming. Jesse Eisenberg as Lex Luthor. I wasn't sure if he was going to pull this one off, after watching Now you See me and American Ultra and even Zombieland (which i wish they'd make a sequel to). I absolutely loved Kevin Spacey's performance as Lex Luthor. But move over Mr. Spacey, stay in your White House and let Eisenberg take over the Crazy House because he did an amazing job as Lex.

Jesse Eisenberg as Lex Luthor.  Batman Vs. Superman
Jesse Eisenberg as Lex Luthor. Batman Vs. Superman

He pulled off the crazy genius a little too well. Normally I can tell you whether a person can pull off a character or not, and this was one that i was completely wrong about. My apologies to Mr. Eisenberg for ever doubting his abilities. That shall not happen again.

There's one other character we see in the trailer that some don't know about.

Doomsday.  Batman vs. Superman
Doomsday. Batman vs. Superman

This is Doomsday. And that's all i'm going to say. The comic fans know who it is and what it represents. But OMG amazing.

Besides Bruce Wayne and Wonder Woman not having much of a part in the movie, the only other part that I didn't like, was at the beginning, in their effort to show us how upset Bruce Wayne has gotten over the fight between Superman and General Zod, it got a little difficult to follow. They show Bruce Wayne, and then Batman, and then you see something happening and you're just sitting there wondering, what's going on? Don't worry, most of it gets explained...most of it. There's still one part even I'm confused about but i will not mention it here. When you see the movie you'll understand.

I give this movie a solid 9. I will totally be seeing this more than once in theaters. And you know me, if it's worth me seeing it more than once, it's worth you seeing at least once.

Let me know if you liked it as much as i did.


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