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We know quite a lot about Anti-heroes, from DC's Red Hood to Marvel's Punisher, to even Dark Horse's Spawn, but what about Top Cow's Jackie Estacado, who is a former hit man for the Franchetti crime family, but also the current host of The Darkness? For those that are not very well informed of the former hit man turned anti-hero, here's a few known facts about Jackie Estacado that you may or may not know about. Also, there are spoilers for those who have not read the comics and wish to take a look or are already reading, you've been warned.

#1`The Darkness is more than just a name

The Darkness is not just some name for a dark Anti-Hero, The Darkness is actually a malevolent primordial creature that is older than creation that is the equal and opposite of the primordial of light named The Angelus. The Darkness requires a male host to spread its insatiable lust for destruction, chaos, and death. While there have been times where some hosts give into these vicious demonic desires, Jackie tries to fight back these desires, though there have been times where he gives in and shreds his enemies in the most gruesome ways that would make Wolverine blink. The Darkness is capable of many great things as it is an ancient being with the powers of creation that is only limited to the wielder's imagination.

#2 The Darkness has run into some big names

Yes, there have been crossovers with The Darkness, but how big were they? Well let's just say Jackie Estacado has had run ins with Wolverine, The Hulk, Batman, The Witchblade, Vampirella, and Superman. Batman is actually the one that influenced Jackie to turn to the side of good so there has been some kind of weight to some of these crossovers that he's been through in his adventures.

#3 Jackie Estacado had a very hard life.

With his father Danny Estacado, one of the most ruthless Darkness hosts ever, dying before he was born, his mother dying of unknown reasons, being forced to live in an orphanage, being abused in the orphanage, being recruited by Frankie Franchetti at the age of 14 years old and trained to be a hit man from there on out to the rest of his life, even having important secrets about his life hidden from him such as him having a twin sister. Jackie had a very rough life where the only thing that seemed to calm him were three things. Sex, violence, and a very close person in his life named Jenny Romano, who was taken from him, leaving him in a world of pain for a very long time.

#4 The Darkness has quite the roster of enemies.

The Angelus, an ancient rival that is an equal and opposite to The Darkness since the beginning of time, The Magdalena, a line of women who are wielders of the Spear of Destiny and once holy protectors of the Catholic Church that also are rumored to be descendants of Mary Magdalena, the wife of Jesus Christ, la bruja en las paredes, a witch that made a deal with Satan for immortality, The Brotherhood of Darkness, a cult of worshipers that have an obsession with The Darkness . Jackie and The Darkness have quite the extensive roster of enemies and the list above were just a few to give as an example.

#5 Jackie has a complicated relationship

This is not very surprising to some that know Jackie and his love form women, but it is surprising that he was in a relationship for some time. Jackie had an interesting relationship with a cop named Sara Pezzini, who is also the wielder of a weapon called The Witchblade, an object that is also a child of The Darkness. See what I mean by complicated? A former hit man was for quite some time in an on and off relationship with a cop that also has an artifact that was born from The Darkness, boy Jackie has quite the interesting life, doesn't he? Did I forget to mention they did have a child together through The Darkness controlling his body and making him have sex with her at one point? Yeah.........

#6 Jackie is a recovering sex addict

While some people who know of Jackie and his womanizing charm, Jackie has one problem......okay well two problems. The first problem is The Darkness, it needs a host to thrive from and the way it passes from host to host is through sexual intercourse and pregnancy. If the host were to get someone pregnant, The Darkness would pass through to the unborn child and the previous host would die. The second problem for Jackie is that he is a man that LOVES women and having sex with them, but due to the risk of getting someone pregnant, Jackie has only one option to guarantee he does not accidentally get someone pregnant. Jackie had to turn celibate. This became something very tragic and painful for him (obviously) and he had to turn to breaking away from sexual activities completely and realized that he had a serious problem.

#7 Jackie's minions are sick, twisted, and hilarious little monsters.

Jackie has the ability to summon these demonic creatures called darklings. The darklings are necroplasmic sentient manifestations of The Darkness; a veritable legion of countless Demons who serve, assist, fight for/with, protect, and instruct their host in the ways of The Darkness. They have a very large variety of personalities that could stretch out to many different versions of darklings, one can have the generic old military badass personality, another could have a weed smoking hippie personality, another can have an Elvis Presley personality, another dresses like superheores with capes, that's just a few personalities out of the hundreds of others. Darklings sometimes are the comedic humor of bloody situations and are always pretty much funny almost every time you see them.

#8 Jackie has a twin sister

Capris Castiglione was the twin sister of Jackie Estacado and the first woman to host The Darkness, the daughter of Danny Estacado and an unknown prostitute. She was separated from Jackie at birth and entrusted to Father Brendan. After her friend, Blair was murdered she disguised herself as a stripper; then tracked down and killed her friend's killers on the eve of her 21st birthday as The Darkness awoke within her. Capris also seems to have an obsession with The Darkness as she only has a small portion of its power within her. She has the ability to teleport through shadows like her brother, but more accurately and with speed and precision. She also has the ability to transport other things through darkness, even things such as bullets, making her almost untouchable in few instances. Capris also seemed to have some kind of incestuous attraction to Jackie, kissing him in multiple instances and other things, but some can say it's her way of seducing him in order to get closer to The Darkness.

What do you all think of Jackie Estacado? Would you be interested in taking a look and seeing what he's capable of or been through?


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