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The CW's Flash has been a success from the very beginning, with plot points in every corner where you do not think to look. The first season had the mystery of who was really the Reverse Flash. This current season brings up the question: who is Zoom?

In the past two episode of this season we are confirmed that Jay Garrick, the Flash from Earth 2, is really Professor Zoom. However, Jay Garrick is not really Jay Garrick.

Stay with me here.

Jay Garrick is slowly dying from cell degeneration, and as they looked for a cure, Jay showed Caitlin Snow his Earth 1 counter-part. Jay's Earth 1 counter-part's name was not Jay Garrick, it was in fact Hunter Zolomon, Professor Zoom's real name.

What Does This Tell Us?

What this tells us is that the real Jay Garrick is the man with the metal mask on in Professor Zoom's HQ.

Reminds me of Iron Monger from Iron Man 1
Reminds me of Iron Monger from Iron Man 1

This can be supported by when he is was knocking in morse code to Well's daughter and Barry. His knocks were translated into the word Jay. He was trying to tell Flash and Well's daughter his name. Hunter Zolomon was posing as Jay Garrick to get Barry to become faster so when he attempts to take Barry's speed, he will get Barry at his peak speed.

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