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Right before the first season of Daredevil was released last year on Netflix, little we knew what to expect. It was the first Marvel series on the streaming platform and it was riding on the reputation that it'd be as good as House of Cards. While some might debate it for better or worse that the political drama, fact is that it was the right step towards superhero television, being well received by both fans and critics.

A few months after, we got Jessica Jones and everything worked out well, so by the time this season came around, we were rest assured everything would be good, even though the two-part trailer had already given us a few hints on what to expect.

Credit: Patrick Harbron/Netflix
Credit: Patrick Harbron/Netflix

The aftermath of Wilson Fisk's takedown is still something recent memory for Hell Kitchen's inhabitants. There's a different, lighter, feel to the city. But it doesn't last long. It literally takes us 15 minutes into the first episode to see the deeds of Frank Castle aka The Punisher.

While it does take a while longer to actually meet him, we're greeted with all sorts of theories and rumors. It's fun to know more than the characters.

But by the end of that same episode, we see Round 1 of Daredevil vs. The Punisher, in all it's glory. Fortunately, this fight keeps on extending in various ways throughout the first quarter of the season. Every time they meet, it's exciting! Probably the most exciting face-to-face dialogue since Robert Di Niro and Al Pacino met in Heat.

Credit: Patrick Harbron/Netflix
Credit: Patrick Harbron/Netflix

Even with distinctive ideologies, these two anti-heroes really get it all out of their system, as they quickly realize they're pieces to a bigger puzzle. A puzzle that includes Matt Murdock's ex-girlfriend Elektra.

Now she's one giant pain in the butt. She meddles in things that aren't her business, inconvenient and just plain annoying. But all of this contributes to the story's main arc, making all her defects fundamental.

Even with all these new characters, the real star this season is Karen Page. Yes, the secretary slash lawyer wannabe who's went through a lot last season has most of the spotlight, and with good reason.
She's the voice of reason. Her instincts are everything we wished we kinda were and she's got the guts to see it through the end. From proving that Frank Castle has a reason to be punishing the bad guys, to figuring out what the heck is going on in Hell's Kitchen, this woman has put on her game face and brought it on.

Credit: Patrick Harbron/Netflix
Credit: Patrick Harbron/Netflix

There is less Daredevil and more everyone else. And that's a good thing. As the situation's evolved, so have the way of how they get solved. Matt and Karen go out on dates, Nelson & Murdock is put on the line and the past keeps on crawling up when you least expect it. All of this makes this second season almost as better as it's previous, but has all of it's essence.

With a war between vigilantes and everything else that's happening in New York, what is able to stand above everything are the characters personalities. Well for the most part...

Wilson Fisk's brief appearance only teased his future return. Hopefully, his rise will quickly be his fall, be it by the hand of the Daredevil or The Punisher. Either way, fatty's gotta go. Soon.

All in all, these are 13 episodes that don't ever have a dull moment, promising exciting moments, with wonderfully choreographed fights and a brilliant single-shot fighting scene, just like the one you loved last season.

I just wished we'd seen more of Frank's violence. Oh well, guess they're saving it for his own TV show... Right Netflix?


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