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Hi world, My name's Mimi Schweid, I've spent the past few years diving into the comic book world thanks to ComicUno aka haydenclaireheroes (on YouTube) and Thursday night the two of us saw Batman V Superman Dawn of Justice. The review the two of us and our friend Luke can be seen below.

So, since ComicUno has helped me make my way through the world of comics, I've had my Batman phase, I've had my Superman phase and I'm currently in my Wonder Woman phase. I am not as invested in the lives of Superman, Batman or Wonder Woman as other people but I still consider myself a fan of the lovely Trinity set before us for the never ending movie that was Batman V Superman.

My Three Major Complaints for this movie.

  • They did Batman's origin story AGAIN but at the same time didn't establish Ben's 'rules' as Batman. Ben was fine as Bruce Wayne and came off more as a complete and utter bully as Batman. He just beat the crap out of Superman, not that Superman didn't get in his good hits, it just was very frustrating to watch. Since it was Ben's first Batman movie they spent a lot of time on him when they could've just done my main reason for writing this article. The order of the movies coming out made this feel 'wrong'. I wanted to know Baffleck, I wanted to see him with the BatFamily instead of just Alfed (who was way more like Lucius Fox than Alfred), I wanted something NEW and instead I got nothing but anger and frustration.
  • Jessie Essinberg does not do a good Lex Luther, he played himself with really annoying facial expressions and made no sense as Lex. He was just a spoiled rich kid that 'pit' Superman and Batman against each other for kicks, not for any other reason. At least that's how I felt it was done. He did not have any of Lex's attitude let alone appearance. He didn't 'feel' like Lex Luthor, he felt like a horrible combination of the Riddler and the Joker.
  • They shoved the whole "Superman is a god" thing down our throats for 80% of the movie so when he had his dramatic ending, it felt predictable. Why, why did they have to do that? Why did Superman have to be made 'dark' and not even in a FUN way for this part of the franchise? If they were going to do dark, why not make him Evil? Instead, he's just jaded like Batman, which is expected FOR BATMAN. Having Superman be doubting society as much as he did in Batman V Superman is just depressing. I wanted the eternal ball of sunshine that is Superman and Batman to have the entertaining bromance for some part of this movie and that's not what happened at all.

My 'ideal' order is this:

  • Wonder Woman
  • Suicide Squad
  • The Flash
  • Aquaman
  • Justice League, Part 1
  • Justice League Part 2
  • Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice

Over all, this was just a money grab movie that really felt like a rough cut. A really nice budget rough cut. It had a lot of potential but over all, it fell flat to me, as did most of the dialogue in the movie.

What I liked

  • The soundtrack, Hans is always a treat for movies like this.
  • Gal Gadot was great as Wonder Woman when she was actually IN the movie. I'm, you guessed it, frustrated, that all of her scenes were already seen in the trailers/commercials and Ben did a good job with what he was given to play Batman. Henry is a good Superman, I just am still forever angry that he doesn't get to play the eternal ball of sunshine and hope that makes Superman such an icon.
  • The fight scenes, I enjoyed them but also felt like some could have been cut.
  • The over all visuals for the movie.

Go see this movie for a matinee showing. You'll enjoy the fight scenes, you'll laugh at some things you probably aren't meant to laugh at and hey, maybe you'll like it more than yours truly.

This has been a review of sorts by Mimi Schweid, back at last on Moviepilot.


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