ByNathaniel Rego, writer at
Nathaniel Rego

1. Gilbert Gerald German (OUAT) - famed for his role of Hades in Once Upon a Time which is coming to an end later this spring after season 5; Gilbert Gerald German might be a fabulous Grinch.

2. Stefan Carlson (LazyTown) - famed for his stage role of the infamous Grinch in Grinch the Musical the off Broadway show and his role iconically of Robbie Rotten in the former Nick series Lazy Town, Stefan too might make a fab but vile Grinch.

3. Steve Carrell (The Way, Way, Back/The Office) - the most funniest actor fit to play The Grinch is Steve Carrell.

4. Ben Stiller (Night in the Museum Trilogy/Madagascar Trilogy)

5. Robert Carlyle (OUAT/28 Weeks Later)


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