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Wow. Season 5 is already over! What now? Only a few more months untill the sixth season of your favorite show is relased to the public. As of right now there has not been a theme given for sure. So thats why i came up with two of my own themes and posters.

Made by me (thats why its bad lol)
Made by me (thats why its bad lol)

1. American Horror Story: murder house 2

Plot: 6 years later after Violet tells Tate to go away. A daughter (kate) and father(jack) move in. The Harmons dont bother trying to scare the new family away. Tate falls in love with kate but Violet has a bad feeling about her.

Cast: all thr cast from the first season plus Emma Roberts as kate and Adam levine as Jack

Another poster made by me
Another poster made by me

2. American Horror Story: forgotten forest

Plot: Amber and Hunter rented a cabbin in the middle of the forgotten forest in Alaska. Without internet and having the closest town 10 miles away. No one can here them scream. Legend says that in the forgotten forest over 50 people have killed themselves in the past decade. To bad that they dont know yet

Cast: amber (taissa) hunter (evan)

Enought about my ideas. In an interiew Evan Peters stated that he wishes that the sixth season's would be in space or set on a ship. What do you think?


What theme do u want season 6 to be

Hope you enjoyed -J


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