ByKay Harding, writer at

This review contains major spoilers.

“Do you want to go see a trainwreck?”

That’s what I was asked when a fellow writer, and friend, invited me along tonight to see Dawn of Justice. Despite hearing a mixed number of theories about how well Batman Vs Superman would actually end up being in the end, I had been super psyched to see it for months. Though I had my hopes, there was a strong possibility this movie would be terrible.

I should have taken the warning to heart. Between the overpopulation of heroes and villains, poorly developed plots, corny writing, and drawn out action, I was watching the clock by the end of the film.

My biggest issue was the fact that Batman and Superman didn’t really go after each other. They had clear vendettas, and had started to show good foundations for their beliefs, but it never came to fruition. Lex Luthor could have stood in the background and pulled strings until the very end. I would have gladly watched the two heroes tear at each other both as a billionaire and a journalist, and as rival fighters.

Their relationship was never really built. They went from trying to kill each other to friends in a matter of 5 minutes. One mention of Superman’s mother’s name, and all was mended. Not to mention, calling her Martha, while being choked by a boot makes no sense. "Mom" takes less time to say, and it makes a difference when you are running out of oxygen. Too much time was spent showing us what was running through Batman’s head at the mention of her name as well. There is a point when you need to give your audience a little bit of credit in their ability to follow along.

The nightmare sequence was not only random, but made little sense either. There were aspects of the dreams he shouldn't have known at that point.

Wonder Woman was perfect in every way except one: there was too much going on for her to be tossed in this movie as well. She deserved better, but I truly look forward to her own movie.

Almost all of the actual final fight was in the trailers. It was built up for months, and yet every other shot was one I had seen before.

Overall, the movie needed more acting and less fighting. Ben Affleck was a fantastic Batman, and did his best with the material he was given. I hope he will get to try again in a story with more substance to it. There were parts of the film I began to get sucked in by, but it always seemed to drop the ball in the end. “Trainwreck” ended up being a pretty accurate description.


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