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Now that I have my Spoiler free review out for Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, it is time to transition to my Spoiler FILLED review. So if you haven't seen this movie, do not, I repeat, NOT read this review. Go ahead and read my Spoiler free review. So here we go.

When the film starts out, after a flashback depicting the origin of Batman, we find Bruce Wayne on his way to his Wayne Enterprises wing in Metropolis. But when he gets there, he finds that he is caught right in the middle of the confrontation between Superman and General Zod. And Wayne is having to rescue a fellow coworker who has his legs removed in the ruble of a fallen building.

Then we come to a desert outpost where we find that Lois Lane has been captured while she was on assignment for an interview with a terrorist group. But then, some government agents start opening fire on the terrorists and their leader has Lois Lane captured. What comes next here is that Superman shows up and teaches them a lesson.

And we find that Lex Luthor is constantly trying to convince Senator Finch (played by Holly Hunter) to give him the corpse of General Zod, so that he could experiment on him using some Kryptonite knives and bullets.

Then Lois Lane discovers a special sort of bullet that was used by the same terrorists who kidnapped her and she furthers the investigation, only to discover that it was funded by LexCorp and Luthor.

So when we find that Clark Kent and Bruce Wayne finally meet at Lex's mansion, Kent questions Wayne about Batman (seeing that Superman sees Batman as a growing danger) and his vigilantism. But Wayne is only there to discover the secret behind the White Portuguese, which is a ship that has been secretly carrying some artifacts that were shipped off to LexCorp.

Then we find that Bruce Wayne is tailing a chick who happens to be Diane Prince/Wonder Woman. When Wayne and Prince meet face to face, Bruce discovers that she is in Metropolis to recover something that was taken by LexCorp for experimentation. This reveals to be a hard drive that contains some information regarding the meta-humans that include a man with super speed (Flash), a cybernetic body (Cyborg) and a man who lives under the sea (Aquaman). Both Wayne and Prince discover that these individuals and herself (thus revealing herself as Wonder Woman) are all Meta human experiments that have been studied upon by LexCorp. But then Prince quickly returns it to Bruce when she discovers Luthor's plans.

In a dream sequence, when Batman is loading some artifacts on a truck, we find that not only does he discover a mysterious symbol (Darkseid's logo) but also he is told by a mysterious guy in a red suit (possibly the Flash) telling him that Lois Lane is the key to something. But the best thing about this sequence is that some of the guards combating Batman all have the Superman logo on it, which got me wondering if they worked for Superman.

So later on during the Senate scene, we find that Superman does indeed attend his own hearing which was demanded by the government so that he could answer for what happened when Zod invaded Metropolis. However, Luthor also attends but continues to play Senator Finch. But when she refuses to answer his question, Luthor then retaliates by placing a bomb somewhere which blows up everyone in the room but Superman.

Later on, Martha Kent gets abducted by Luthor's men in an attempt to manipulate Superman to go up against the Batman. Also, Lois finds herself abducted by Luthor, whom Lois declares psychotic, which Luthor takes upon as a 'three syllable word for any thought too big for little minds', which ironically meant that Luthor is insane. And Lois declares that Luthor is behind everything that she has seen happen. But then after Luthor pushes Lois off the LexCorp building, Superman shows up and Luthor motivates him to venture to Gotham City after revealing that he had his men abduct his mother.

Superman then goes to Gotham to convince Batman to help him rescue Martha from Luthor. But Batman states that he has his own reasons and plans for Superman. So the epic fight ensues and it carries on throughout Gotham. But after a quick Kryptonite moment, Superman swiftly reveals that Luthor has Martha, which enables Batman to stop fighting him. Quickly joining forces, Batman hears out Superman as he reveals Luthor's plan to kill Martha if he did not challenge the Bat.

Superman then flies back to Metropolis to fight Luthor saying that he's lost and that his plan failed. However, Luthor reveals that 'If God won't kill man, the Devil will do it', which means that he intends to do away with Superman himself by unleashing a hulking monster dubbed Doomsday. Luthor pricked himself earlier in the movie and spread some of his blood upon the corpse of the late General Zod so that he could further his experimentation on him. As a result, Zod was transformed into Doomsday (which was a total letdown for me).

So both Batman and Superman fight Doomsday throughout both Gotham and Metropolis and total destruction ensues everywhere from LexCorp Tower on. However, help arrives as Wonder Woman finally shows up. The trio then continue their fight with Doomsday, which results in Superman getting himself killed by both the Kryptonite spear (that Lois threw away from Superman) and a knife-like bone from Doomsday.

After the showdown, Luthor is defeated and imprisoned. He shaves his hair out to give his iconic bald look. Batman then shows up and swears to track Luthor down wherever he goes. But Luthor swears that 'He' is coming (which could mean Darkseid is not far behind.

Then a funeral is held for Clark which has Martha and Lois in tears (I nearly wanted to cry at that). Wayne and Prince show up and meet to talk over what Superman meant to them. Also, Wayne proposes to find the other meta-humans that Prince researched and recruit them to form a team of heroes to fight in Superman's honor.

Finally, after Lois crumbles dirt and drops it on Clark's coffin, the coffin begins to shake meaning that Superman/Clark could still be alive.

So that is my Spoiler filled review for Batman v Superman. Leave your thoughts down below for comments.


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