ByMichael Miller, writer at
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Michael Miller

So the critics are trashing Batman VS Superman. Are you surprised? As of right now, after one full day, it has grossed $65 million, and could have an opening weekend of $180 million. Also, the critics have trounced Deadpool, which cost less than $60 million to film, and has grossed $700+ million, to date! Does anyone really care what movie critics say? Their opinions seem to amount to nothing, in the age of social media. People are more likley to pay attention to what their friends say on Facebook, than what the film "experts" happen to spew out of their out of touch, aloof, snobby, mouths! And honestly, are you going to take film advice from some pretentious snobs, who rave about Eternal Sunshine Of The Spotless Mind, but hate Deadpool? Obviously studios don't care, because even the worst reviewed movies get sequals, if they make a killing, at the box office. It seems that the only people who take movie critics seriously, are movie critics. Their opinions do not make or break movies, and quite simply do not matter!


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