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If you haven't seen Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice (BvS), please stay alert, spoilers will be popped out. As divisive as BvS gets from the audiences and critics, it turns out that for some fans, the future development for the future installment for this universe is promising. While critics bashed out BvS as "having nonsensical plot and had an issue for its weird pacing and narrative plot", I personally agree and disagree at some points. Yes, as stand alone movie, BvS didn't worked very well, notably to mediocre non-fans audiences and especially for the critics. The movie jumbled out with out of the place scenes, but for fans, and DCEU establishment, they are worked out.

True that Zack Snyder has a problem in narrating the story, but still he visualize the whole heroic things in a magnificent way, I really enjoyed it very much. He also faithful to the comic book sources, and he did it in details. People need to view BvS not as stand alone movie, but as one plot to established the whole universe. Ok, without further do, I will giving out my thoughts about this installment future. [SPOILERS].

There is Justice Leaguers cameo, more than cameo I would say. First, there is this weird "The Flash" scene. He delivering message to Bruce Wayne, while Bruce having vision (The Knightmare and Dessert with Omega Symbol). Flash clearly said "Lois Lane is the key". While most audiences and critics felt this scene is out of the place, it was a set-up for the future that binds all the movies together by the end.

Omega Symbol in Apocalyptic Vision.
Omega Symbol in Apocalyptic Vision.

Back to the JL cameo, as Diana (Wonder Woman) clicking the files sent by Bruce Wayne, we are seeing some footage. Aquaman in the deep of the sea, The Flash stop robbery, and Prof. Stone using weird tech and some of fans will notice that it was a "Mother Box" and help him to built Cyborg-suit to Vic Stone.

Mother box replica (from
Mother box replica (from

The fact is that alien-weird technology (mother box) is already on earth. Moreover Lex already digging out all the alien tech-science when he operating Kryptonian machine to create Doomsday. By the end of the movie, Lex nodded to "Him", he said "He is coming". It was obvious for the fans that this is Darkseid.

But I think Darkseid himself won't make an appearance on Justice League part 1. The possible scenario that I want to offer here is, Darkseid need Kryptonians, both the person and the tech, maybe Brainiac can get into it too.

Remember the Apocalyptic vision that Bruce had? I think that it was the invaded-earth (With Parademon flying all over the places). After that, we are seeing Batman captured and Superman came, and said to Batman "She was my world" (Lois?). Then Flash appeared and shout "Lois Lane is the key". Towards near the end of third act, Superman said to Lois, "You are my world" and then flying and piercing Doomsday with Kryptonite spear.

Fast-forward to the BvS ending, "The Death of Superman". A few moment after the funeral, the dirt sort of flying above Superman coffin. Yes, he will be back on the next Justice League part 1. As for Darkseid involvement and bind it to that apocalyptic vision, Superman got resurrected (maybe Brainiac will be involved too?) and somehow joined Darkseid and act as his second-hand in command (brainwashed by Darkseid as seen in several iterations in comics?).

Earth 2 evil-brainwashed Superman.
Earth 2 evil-brainwashed Superman.

In the comics, as far as I remember one of the Darkseid henchmen have mind control power (Glorious Godfrey?). So this route might be possible. But again, Darkseid may have not appeared at all in part 1. He will be using his henchmen and providing alien tech and weapons to his human-supporters (kind of cult as in the comics, intergang?) in earth. This is possibly the problem the Justice League need to tackle in part 1.

Glorious Godfrey, one of Darkseid henchmen.
Glorious Godfrey, one of Darkseid henchmen.

So to bring back Superman sanity, they need Lois Lane. She is the key. In the Earth 2 new 52 comic, there is one event when Darkseid coming to the earth with evil Superman. Years ago Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman sacrificed themselves when they fight against Darkseid. That Superman somehow got brainwashed by Darkseid and triggered evil Superman (shown in the pic above). In that invasion, Lois Lane-in the form of android Red Tornado succeeded to stop evil Superman. That is the meaning "she is the key".

The Flash himself appeared too soon as he stated by himself "Am I too soon??". Bruce will understand the message when he and Diana gather all meta-humans and strife the problems in Justice League part 1. So the apocalyptic vision had a mash up from Injustice feel-Earth 2 story line, Flashpoint Paradox and Crisis on Infinite Earths.

Can't wait to see the next installment. in the end, as a stand alone movie, BvS had an issue, but we may wait for all the installment to come out and view all as a whole. As a fan, I enjoyed BvS. :)

Well, what do you think?


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