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Batman v Superman: Dawn of justice is finally out and so a wave of bad reviews! if you havent seen the movie what are you waiting? Go see the movie now and dont let anyone tell you if its good or bad, judge it yourself!

Ok so Im gonna go straight to the point and say that I liked this movie, it has issues that even as big as comicbook movie fan and DC fan that i consider myseld, I cant deny, and it has really good things that we should review first:

1. Soundtrack is on point. Junkie XL and Hans Zimmer make a masterpiece that works perfect with the movie, when the action and the fights come, this soundtrack will keep you just with your heart in your hand, its just amazing how they transmit this tension and action to you.

2. Ben Affleck is The Bat! For the first time in the big screen we see the bat, the night, worlds greatest detective. We see Bruce Wayne as a true playboy, hes not just acting it, we see a veteran Bruce Wayne / Batman who was been battlling crime and evil for 20 or so years. He doesn`t take crap anymore and is not gonna "bat" an eye to stop at any cost evil; or in this case a super powerful alien that could go rogue. Yes this batman will scare you, this batman is not afraid of hitting harder, hes not afraid of crossing the line. and the way Ben Affleck portreys it is one of the stronges point in this film.

Alfred is the best Alfred in screen, hes smart, delivers some of the few comedy on this movie, and you can truly see how important he is to batman operation.

His batmobile is just a perfect combination of keaton and bale batmobile. The batwing, the suit, the way he fights, the gadget, oh but when hes is in his "The dark knight returns" battle armor. just amazing!

3. Wonder woman is just amazing, she looks strong, beautiful and when she steps to battle, her battle style, her lasso, her suit. I really cant wait for her solo movie and to see more of here!

4. Lex Luthor. Yes Lex, one of the "weakest spots" of the story, is for me one the strongest point. Hes a menacing villain. From the beginning of the story just moving his strings to take down superman using the public opinion. Even fooling the world greatest detective.

MILD SPOILER ALERT: This Lex luthor reminds of Ozymandias in Watchmen, how he wants to Dr. Manhattan to just be hated so he can leave, how he manipulates people to hate Dr. manhattan and make him leave humanity. In this case Lex works a very similar way to make Superman be hated by the human race.

In some reviews (bad reviews) the talk of how he cant compare to Heath Ledgers joker, that Jesse Eisenberg acting is not at that level. This makes me think, the reviews say how is not at the same level, but Heath jokers is the only actor in a Comic book movie with an oscar, even if Jesse`s acting is not at the same level, but comparing them just makes me think how much better is to have this villain, than a hollow and just filler villain that Marvel movies has taught us to be satisfied.

Yes, one big flaw in this portrayal of Lex, is how they never explain why he hates so much Superman. well let me tell that the answer to that is on the of the official Batman v Superman: comics that Dr. Pepper was giving. Lex hates superman for how easily he has power.

Now at this point i could tell you which things i didnt like, but there are plenty of reviews doing this. Reviews of people that looks like the only intention is to destroy this movie. Maybe this movie had a bight weight on its shoulder, the 2 greatest heroes of the world together for the first time together. All the DCEU depending on it. Yes maybe we had to much hope in it, to much that when we recieved a good product instead of an excellent product, we felt a little dissapointed. Ill give it an 8/10.


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