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If you're a fan of the comics. you will surely enjoy this movie a lot. Even though half of the time you may be thinking "It's not supposed to happen like that."

If you're watching this as a movie fan who hasn't seen the Batman and Superman films, you will be lost.

The story line seemed so vague and disconnected, it was more like random parts of a sequel being shown together rather than one story. The problem with that is Batman VS Superman can’t stand on its own as one movie and one story line without having the support of the previous films.

This is not to say it was a bad movie, it was pretty good, but, just like every movie, it had its flaws

When it came to the action parts, and well let’s face it, it didn't actually come to the action part until near the very end of the movie. This left people either waiting anxiously or just waiting impatiently. Only a comic fan would appreciate the deep drama going on in the movie in between the explosions, the gunfire and the epic battles.

The stunts and special effects were amazing. When the fighting starts you forget everything else and just think of what a spectacular sight it is and how epic the battle between these two titans looks being brought to life on screen. You gotta give Zack Synder props for staging the epic showdown so well.

Ben Affleck's debut as Batman showcases a much older version of the caped Crusader. This version of Batman comes across as sadistic torture happy vigilante who brands criminals with his bat symbol. But Affleck's portrayal of the much, much darker side of Batman was a great and intense performance. Batman's greatest weapon has always been his intelligence, but this time his strength almost matches that of Superman.

When Bruce Wayne calls out Diana Prince as Wonder Women, he introduces her to some people who seem all too familiar. We catch a glimpse of more DC characters who we will be seeing in the coming years.

Lets talk about Wonder Woman for a second. Her entrance was practically the best part of the movie. She brought the climax that we had all been waiting for. Gal Godat completely slayed as Wonder Women! It's safe to say she's got fans very excited for the upcoming Wonder Woman movie in 2017.

Put that together with the combined bad ass of Superman and Batman and you get one hell of an epic trio that really brings the movie together.

In this movie Lois Lane comes across as an annoying, self obsessed damsel in distress, it's almost like Zack Synder just dropped her amidst all the drama to add some romance in the movie, other than being Clark's one true love, it seemed like Lois had no other important role in the movie. Although Amy Adams was, as usual spot on as Lois Lane.

Jesse Eisenberg's Lex Luthor was like a lesser version of the Joker. This version of Lex wasn't intimidating, charismatic or manic. Even in the middle of threatening someone, he comes across as just a shaggy haired kid with too much time and money on his hands. There were a few parts here and there where you could see the real Lex through all that wit and humor, but somehow I didn't feel that Jesse did justice to the true character of Lex Luthor, but that's not to say Jesse didn't do a really good job of being the humorous villain in the story.

This movie dealt with more intense and mature themes than those before. Politics, democracy, the eternal struggle for power, and that one human emotion that drives the darkest of impulses, revenge.

The ending. Well you can see the ending in two different ways, first of all a movie fanatic who is completely oblivious to what actually did happen in the comic can look at the ending and say "That's so sad, I can't believe that he's dead." A comic book fan who has seen this coming since the movie started would say "I cant believe it, he's not supposed to be really dead!" Either way, that ending will leave you wanting more, and luckily for us, we will be getting more.

All in all, Batman VS Superman was considerably a pretty good film, but it could have have been greater. Not Dark Knight good, but not Man of Steel bad either. You can't call it terrible, but you can't call it terrific either. It was somewhere in the middle of the two. This movie was the start of what's to come for the DC cinematic universe, it may have been somewhat of a rocky start, but it laid the foundation for the DC Comic Universe to expand to become somewhat more like the MCU.


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