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You know, for a guy with regenerative healing powers that are 10 times better than Wolverine's, superhuman stamina, and one crazy sex life (despite that avocado face) you would think he wouldn't need much help to get the job done. But time and time again, that mouthy merc has relied (or sort of relied) upon his fellow superheroes to lend him a hand. Even though the other superheroes hated it most of the time.

Here are some quite funny examples of their teamwork!

Spider-man 1

Always a team player, whether it be Team Deadpool, Team Ironman, or Team Cap. Spidey put up with Wade's constant prattling.

Hulk Smash!

Just when the baddies think they're safe, the Hulk fists blow them to smithereens!

Spider-man 2

Deadpool always looks out for his fellow superhero who doesn't kill stuff & things, so to help Peter Parker out, he chooses a happy word.


Something about Asgard being destroyed and Deadpool messing around the realm, disturbing treasures and releasing evil spirits.

Lift with your back, man!

Spider-man 3

Much better than the movie, Deadpool goes out of his way to not find out who Spider-man really is, and even gives him a goodbye kiss on the forehead.

There's a good chance Deadpool has done a lot more crazy stuff than this. Let me know which of his hijinx are your favorite!


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