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All the get some pretty weird treatment in their respective comics. We get to see Hulk rip Deadpool apart. And then, Wolverine in half.

But we don't get to see Hulk do any of that cool stuff to ! One time, he actually saved him from a nuclear bomb-

But what are some of the weirdest things that have happened to Thor in the comics throughout history? And will we see any of those moments in ?

I'm thinking no, but still...

1. Thor's Hammer Does All Sorts Of Crazy Ish

When Cate Blanchett's isn't shattering it, Mjolnir is able to demolecularize things:

This is just one of the odd powers that has had over the years. It has entrapped Hyperion in a bubble of glazed sand, formed in a miniaturizing cyclone-

It's helped Thor time travel-

And of course, it summons the dead-

So all of his hammer's many powers are just one of the weird things about Thor.

2. Thor Frog

Say what?

Well, turned Thor into a frog one time. He made it back to (and to his original form) after a battle with his fellow frogs against villainous rats, but not before giving a shard of his hammer to Puddlegulp, who became Throg, a member of the Pet Avengers.

I bullfrog you not.

3. Loki Becomes Lokette

Ragnarock was a pretty big deal in the comics, and it's going to be huge in the movie! But after , Thor came back to life, and got to choose some buddies for the roadtrip. Loki, being Loki, tricked him into bringing him back too, but came back as a woman. Sounds like a bad Chris Rock movie!

Let's just hope Loki doesn't come back with sweater kittens in Thor: Ragnarok Volume 2.

4. Beta Ray Bill

He was a pretty big name in the comics, but the weird thing about him is...well...just look at him! A member of the Korbinite race, he was surprisingly deemed worthy to wield Mjolnir, which pissed Thor off. They fought for possession of the weapon, but was ultimately given a hammer of his own. Now they're friends!

But man, just look at that funny looking Thor!

5. The Source of the Asgardians' Power

It wasn't magical spring water, the sun, or even just genetics. Originally, it was golden apples! The golden apples of Idunn were eaten by the people to maintain their youth and vigor. But beware; only the goddess Idunn can pick them. If anyone else tried, the apples would rot.

How do you like them apples?

Can you think of anything else odd from the Thor comics? Let me know!

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