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Throughout cinema history, there have been many beloved movies and franchises. Some are cult classics, others are timeless tales that captivate audiences of all ages and creeds of life. And still others are beloved stories that are now at risk of being destroyed by the greed of the Hollywood movie industry. Indiana Jones is one such franchise.

When many of you first read the title at the top of your screen, I bet you were getting ready for some potentially half-baked theory that Han So- I mean, Indiana Jones would be meeting his unfortunate demise in the recently confirmed fifth installment to the Indiana Jones franchise. If that's the case, sorry to disappoint. No, I am writing to defend a movie series that is near the top of many movie-goers favorite series of all time, including my own. While many believed that the series should have stayed as a trilogy, and more believe a fifth movie should never be made, we are sadly too late to stop the machine from churning onward. What follows is a list of the reasons Indiana Jones 5 should be the last movie of the Indiana Jones saga.

1. Harrison Ford's age

He did age pretty well though
He did age pretty well though

It is simply a truth of life that it ends with death. This applies to everyone, space smugglers/rebel heroes, rugged adventurers/professors, and celebrities included. And Harrison Ford is all of those! Joking aside, Harrison Ford is indeed showing his age. We all saw how he moved around in Star Wars: The Force Awakens. He looked like he was having a difficult time. At 73 years old, Ford can't be playing the rugged adventurer type much longer. His body simply won't hold up anymore, and suffering injuries like a broken leg on the set of Star Wars: The Force Awakens certainly does not help the legendary actor. Of course there are ways to get around Ford's age and still make Indiana Jones movies, like re-casting, or re-booting, or changing the focus to a different character, but... wait, what did I just say? Jeez, forget about those options! Sorry!

2. Indiana Jones CANNOT be re-cast

Could it work? Well... maybe. At best, maybe.
Could it work? Well... maybe. At best, maybe.

Harrison Ford IS Indiana Jones. Period. Awhile ago there were rumors that Indiana Jones 5 would have a new lead actor as Indiana Jones, and while I admit I was tempted by the thought of Chris Pratt taking the mantle, I now refuse to support an Indiana Jones re-cast. There is nobody out there who can play Indiana Jones the way Ford has, and besides, Ford's shadow would just be way too big for any hopeful actors trying to take over.

3. Re-boot=impossible

Rebooting is disrespectful to the legacy.
Rebooting is disrespectful to the legacy.

A re-boot is impossible for the Indiana Jones series. Here you have such a beloved character who has been with us, the movie-goer for so long that he almost feels like family. And you can't replace family, so why re-boot Indiana Jones? Let the series be loved and cherished as it should be, as a fine example of the best cinema can give! Respect the series and its creators enough to never re-boot it.

4. It's not Indiana Jones without Indiana Jones

When Indiana Jones retire's, so should the series.
When Indiana Jones retire's, so should the series.

At the end of Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, it was briefly suggested that Shia LaBeouf's character, Mutt, would become the new focus of the Indiana Jones series where presumably Indy would retire and become some kind of mentor figure. Thankfully, before little Mutt got any crazy ideas, his pa grabbed the legendary fedora out of his hands with a smirk that said 'I'm not done just yet'. Putting a new character at the center of the Indiana Jones movies and shoving THE INDIANA JONES to the side would be cinematic suicide. The new character would have one heck of a job cut out for him or herself trying to gain support among moviegoers, and would either become a cheap rip-off of Indy or be a completely different character who doesn't fit in the Indiana Jones universe under the Indiana Jones title. The only way I could see something like this working is if an Indiana Jones-type character were created in an entirely separate movie universe with their own movie title. Even then, it would risk being too much like Indiana Jones, and probably isn't a good idea.

My personal opinion is that Indiana Jones, as a movie series, should have ended as a trilogy. The last shot we would have seen is of our hero, his father, and his friends literally riding off into the sunset. What better ending is there than that? Here's to hoping that, on July 19th, 2019, Indiana Jones lets us fans say goodbye to one of the best fictional characters in all of cinema in the best way possible.

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