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smash! Hulk angry! Hulk — well, Hulk must have seen some of the weird-ass stuff that his comic book writers have thought up over the years.

He's gone from being in a circus...

...To all sorts of ups and downs, awesome and weird through the years, to his more recent version, The Totally Awesome Hulk:

Still not sure what to think about that hair — no wonder the guy is always angry. And with on the way, he's set to tear yet another planet apart!

Let's check out some of the weirdness that Hulk has had to put up with over the years!

1. 'Batman V Superman'? Hell, Naw — Hulk Vs Santa!

Apparently, Rhino wants to be a Salvation Army Santa, so he robs one Santa of his clothes, the finds out what he's doing, and gets into a knockdown, drag-out fight with him right there in the mall, in front of the kids! They eventually agree to knock it off for the sake of the children and they peacefully walk away.

2. The Hulk Cosplays As — A Yeti?

Commies have invaded Lhasa! Who you gonna call? and ! Instead of just smashing the crap out of everything like always, Hulk dons a yeti costume so he can freak out the troops and scare them off. Makes sense!

3. What If Rick James Had Become The Hulk?

That brotha! Oh, man.

So this isn't really part of the Hulk comics; it's just a parody cover someone made of the What If series, What If Rick Jones Had Become The Hulk?.

But, you know what? Rick James becoming the Hulk wouldn't be as weird as some of the stuff that's happened to Dr. Banner, like:

4. The Hulks HATES Freddie Prinze, Jr.

No, he really does. The dude went out on a date with . It resulted in this awkwardness:

But nothing quite tops this lovely little classic:

5. Hulk Vs Russell The Love Muscle

We'll just end with this one.

Can you top this weirdness? Let me know in the comments!

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