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**warning: pretty major walking dead spoilage ahead**

As if all the talk and chatter and teasing and everything wasn't enough to tell you that one of our favorite walking dead characters were going to meet their maker, and soon, well, this should do it:

Here's a few things we need to talk about:

I freaked out a little bit when this scene came up:

I don't know about you, but that REALLY looks like Daryl's vest! But alas...

It looks like a totally different dude there, but the guy in that scene doesn't look like Daryl much.

One thing I'm not so sure of, though:

Is that person up there isn't Carol. Do those look like her fingers? They look pretty grimy, like a certain redneck who went out looking for her...

Besides more Saviors that are probably going to slaughtered like the dozens before them:

There isn't to watch leading up to Negan's arrival. We see Morgan on a horse, but who knows what part of the last two episodes that'll be in.

What we want to see is this guy right here:

Who looks a LOT like the comic guy!

Zippers and all!

Say hello to his little friend...

And give her a kiss

Notice a head here?

And here?

That's it. It's official...he is going to have Rick & crew lined up, ready to feed Lucille.

Come on, Sunday!


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