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The following article contains SPOILER contents about the "Batman v Superman" movie, Read at your own risk!

As you may have noticed, there have been quite a few hidden Easter Eggs and references in the movie. Unfortunately, they ruined it for us in the trailer. Happily, there were some that wasn't spoiled. Some might say the movie wasn't a big hit but I, personally, think they needed to introduce characters, hence, the first half of the movie was boring.

5 Hidden Batman vs Superman Easter Eggs you (probably) didn't notice

5. Aquaman, Cyborg, and The Flash

When Bruce Wayne stole Luther's data, we saw 4 of Justice League members logos; Wonder Woman, Aquaman, Cyborg, and Flash. The second time we saw some footage in Diana's laptop. Flash catching a thief, Aquaman destroying a camera, and Victor Stone becoming Cyborg. We also saw Flash in Bruce's dream sending a message from the future.

4. Batman solo movie

We saw Robin's costume. Bruce Wayne talked about clowns. We also saw Riddler's symbol sprayed in Gotham. Bruce and Diana talk about Jewel thieves. Batman dreams of Man-bat. We, also, saw Firefly in the prequel comics.

Considering that, we gathered some information about the upcoming Batman movie so far.

  • 20 years before BvS
  • Joker, Riddler, Catwoman, Firefly and Man-Bat might be in the movie
  • Robin gets killed
  • Joker kills Robin

3. Superman is alive

Obviously, he is alive. How can there be 2 justice league movies without Superman? How can there be a DC universe without Superman?

The Man of Steel superman has a zero gravity thing around his body. Just like that, we saw zero gravity soil on his grave.


  • When Bruce parents died, we saw his mother's necklace which was referring to Detective Comics #33
  • When Batman saved Martha in the fire, it was a reference to the prequel comics.
  • Robin's red suit intends to show he's either Tim Drake or Jason Todd.
  • Death of Superman was a reference to... well... "Death of Superman".
  • We saw Jimmy Olson in the Africa scene
  • Flash travels back in time to send a message
  • When Superman tells Batman he "lost her" in the dream sequence, it was a direct reference to Injustice: Gods among us video game.

1. Darkseid and Justice League

The box from Apokolips in the Cyborg clip might wasn't the only Darkseid Easter Egg. There were Parademons in Bruce's dream. Lex Luther talked about what's coming and it can only be Brainiac or Darkseid. When Diana asked Bruce why he wanted to find other meta-humans and he responded

"Just a feeling..."

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