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Sometimes, two very different things come together and turn out to be good. For instance, chocolate and potato chips. People don't usually expect it to be so good, but it turns out to be great. The same can definitely be said about Marvel and Netflix.

Before we dive into a spoiler free review, I must stress this: Daredevil is not for viewers of all ages. It is mainly targeted for mature viewers. The amount of swearing in this show would make Steve Rogers sigh. The violence is immensely graphic. This involves swordsmen slicing off opponents' limbs, gang members shooting foes in the face, stabbings, and neck snapping. Often times, we see Matt question his view of bringing justice compared to someone like Frank Castle, aka The Punisher. Some Marvel fans will recoil at the grittiness of Daredevil.

Six months have passed since Wilson Fisk's incarceration. Hell's Kitchen is still plagued by murderers and psychopaths. Enter: Matthew Murdock. He and his friends, Foggy Nelson and Karen Page, still run their lawyer firm. At night Matt dons the battle armor and mask that has given him the name, Daredevil. All seems normal. Unexpectedly a gang of Irish men are shot down profusely. Daredevil goes toe-to-toe with the man named, Frank Castle. Otherwise named, The Punisher. The Punisher is a war veteran whose family has been brutally slaughtered in front of him. Being shot in the head himself, Frank has no empathy (literally) for his enemies. He and Daredevil clash. Two different sides of the same coin? Not exactly. Matt often questions his brand of justice by comparing it to Frank. Another new player in Hell's Kitchen is Elektra Natchios. An ex-girlfriend of Matt who happens to be a skilled assassin. She shows up in Matt's apartment and tasks him to join her to take on a team of assassins called, The Hand. Much chaos ensues this season.

What did I think of Season Two of Daredevil? I absolutely loved it! I think what made it work was that it was dark. Don't get me wrong, I love that Spider-Man is appearing in the next Captain America movie. But what makes Netflix work well with Marvel is that it can truly tell a story that is dark. Just because it's dark, it really shouldn't be scorned by hard core Marvel enthusiasts. Not all heroes can be old-fashioned Captain America. (Not that there's anything wrong with Captain America, of course!) Some heroes need to make mistakes. Some need to question their brand of justice. Sometimes, heroes honestly need to tread on the edge of darkness to see what they are fighting against. Face it, we need flawed heroes. And that's what Matt Murdock is. He's a deeply flawed hero. He doesn't always put Foggy and Karen first. Sometimes he can be egotistical, and uncompromising. But what makes him Daredevil is that he will do anything necessary to keep Hell's Kitchen safe from sociopaths. If you have Netflix, I highly recommend you watch this jewel. If you don't have Netflix, then this is the sole reason why you should sign up. I give Daredevil Season Two an A+.


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