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It's Hard to tell who's more Crazy... Me, or everyone else

Now all the speculations surrounding how this Warner Bros tentpole will perform at box office after being panned by the critics has come to an end and Batman v Superman has emerged as a winner.

Biggest Pre-summer Opening Day & Weekend

Batman V Superman posted the biggest pre-summer opening day with $82.1 million beating Furious 7 ($67.4 million).

Records don't just stop here, it also snags the biggest pre-summer opening weekend with a projected $180 million beating The Hunger Games ($152.5 million) at 4,242 theaters. Batman v Superman now also holds the record for biggest March and Easter weekend debut.

2nd Biggest Superhero Opening Day

Batman v Superman's opening day ($82.1 million) is the 2nd biggest superhero opening day ever as it is above The Avengers ($80.8M), The Dark Knight Rises ($75.7M) and Iron Man 3 ($68.8M) among others. It sits just below Age Of Ultron ($84.4M). So, this a huge achievement considering how the critics wrote negative reviews about it.

Its opening day is now the 4th biggest opening day ever.

As one analyst said:

“It’s highly unusual to see a superhero movie that’s been panned like this with such a huge opening. Typically they open big and get great reviews,”

Fans Reaction is Positive As Opposed To Critics

Audience reaction is much positive for the film. As deadline qouted:

The Snyder mashup is currently estimated to take a 35% decline on Saturday for $52.8M. That percent decline is on par with Avengers: Age of Ultron‘s second day. ComScore PostTrak audience gave BvS a 73% grade in the very good/excellent boxes. Definite recommend rate to friends remains at a solid 60%.

Families are coming in droves to see the greatest gladiator match in history.

Looking at the family responses — it’s pretty damn good. Parents give BvS a very good/excellent score of 79% while kids under 12 grade it at 87%. Seventy-nine percent of all parents are spreading good WOM to their friends about Snyder’s movie while 75% of all the kids that watched it are telling their friends immediately about it. Boys made up most of the kid crowd at 60% with 45% between the ages of 10-12.
Primary reasons why they showed up? 18% said it was because it was a superhero/comic book movie, 16% were Batman fans, while 9% came out for Ben Affleck, Henry Cavill and Gal Gadot.

Source : Deadline


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