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Now all the speculations surrounding how this Warner Bros tentpole will perform at box office after being panned by the critics has come to an end and Batman v Superman has emerged as a winner.

Biggest Pre-summer Opening Day & Weekend

Batman V Superman posted the biggest pre-summer opening day with $82.1 million beating Furious 7 ($67.4 million).

Records don't just stop here, it also snags the biggest pre-summer opening weekend with a projected $180 million beating The Hunger Games ($152.5 million) at 4,242 theaters. Batman v Superman now also holds the record for biggest March and Easter weekend debut.

2nd Biggest Superhero Opening Day

Batman v Superman's opening day ($82.1 million) is the 2nd biggest superhero opening day ever as it is above The Avengers ($80.8M), The Dark Knight Rises ($75.7M) and Iron Man 3 ($68.8M) among others. It sits just below Age Of Ultron ($84.4M). So, this a huge achievement considering how the critics wrote negative reviews about it.

Its opening day is now the 4th biggest opening day ever.

As one analyst said:

“It’s highly unusual to see a superhero movie that’s been panned like this with such a huge opening. Typically they open big and get great reviews,”

Fans Reaction is Positive As Opposed To Critics

Audience reaction is much positive for the film. As deadline qouted:

The Snyder mashup is currently estimated to take a 35% decline on Saturday for $52.8M. That percent decline is on par with Avengers: Age of Ultron‘s second day. ComScore PostTrak audience gave BvS a 73% grade in the very good/excellent boxes. Definite recommend rate to friends remains at a solid 60%.

Families are coming in droves to see the greatest gladiator match in history.

Looking at the family responses — it’s pretty damn good. Parents give BvS a very good/excellent score of 79% while kids under 12 grade it at 87%. Seventy-nine percent of all parents are spreading good WOM to their friends about Snyder’s movie while 75% of all the kids that watched it are telling their friends immediately about it. Boys made up most of the kid crowd at 60% with 45% between the ages of 10-12.
Primary reasons why they showed up? 18% said it was because it was a superhero/comic book movie, 16% were Batman fans, while 9% came out for Ben Affleck, Henry Cavill and Gal Gadot.

Source : Deadline


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