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I am an avid sci-fi, action and suspense movie lover. I'll watch the occasional chick flick or documentary but I'm a big fan of checking my

Normally I wait a full 24 hours before writing or saying anything, positive or negative about a movie. I also try to be as objective as I can. That being said, this is about the single worst superhero movie to be butchered by Hollywood. By comparison, it makes Ben Affleck's Daredevil movie not only watchable but intelligent and closer to the original comic book idea. Let that sink in for a second. Now normally I don't like writing anything with derogatory play on words in the title but this movie was exactly what I said. Just ass.

If you haven't watched the film but still want to take your chances, stop reading now.

First off, this movie was all over the place. It never set a tone or rhythm to follow. We start off with the tragic fate of the Waynes in Gotham in the opening credits which, if I may say so, was probably one of the few highlights of this film. However, that's all a flashback scene. Wayne is plagued by nightmares that stems from some PTSD suffered from the destruction that happened in Metropolis 18 months prior to the movie when Superman battled Zod. (I'm guessing.) For some reason, Bruce Wayne was doing business in Gotham. Truth be told, I didn't even know he had offices in Metropolis. As the movie progresses though, you start realizing that Zack Snyder or the creative writing team behind this movie must think that Metropolis and Gotham City are different boroughs of the same city but I digress.

Next gripe: Eighteen months later and Superman is still grappling with the mantle of being a superhero? Seriously?! However, he's being portrayed as some sort of messiah by the general populace who have somehow managed to erect a statue in his honor even though the government still has reservations about his motives and the potential threat he may pose to the world should he choose to take it over, etc. So confusing.

Moving on to Lex...(Jesse, Jesse, Jesse. WTF?!) Now I understand that Lex Luthor has a superior intellect and is one of the most brilliant minds in the world but he was never borderline schizophrenic. At least, not to my knowledge. Maybe originally but that's not the evolved character that eventually became Superman's arch-nemesis. He was calm, cool and collected. A business magnate, and scientific genius but also a political figure. He was charismatic. That's why the hero/villain factor worked well with him and Superman. Superman would always foil his plans but Luthor would always keep his image as an upstanding citizen and philanthropist. That always made Superman's disdain towards him look unwarranted. It was a perfect battle of good and evil. Why then do you let Eisenberg play the role like a spoiled rich kid who didn't get his way and was over medicated as a child to control his tantrums?

Then we have Batman himself. What happened to his ninja skills? All of a sudden he's letting himself get seen by cops? He's a criminal branding vigilante? I swear, if I didn't know any better, Bruce Wayne was acting out some Punisher style fantasies. The only upside to his character was the voice modulator he wears in his suit. That was a welcome change from that Christian Bale, deep gravel hoarse voice. And what's with all the dream sequences? Oh! And while we're on the subject of his dreams, why is he the one getting the foreshadowing dreams of a nightmare, obviously Darkseid controlled world? I mean, it's obvious to me now that the whole scene with Flash coming through that Boom tube or what have you is a prelude for what is to come in future Justice League movies but you can't just drop vague hints like that without some kind of backstory. Even most of the Avengers have their very own individual movies that helped the audience identify with them.

Furthermore, why would Snyder and his creative team think that going all balls deep with Lex straight out hating Superman so much that he skipping immediately to the Doomsday scenario (And a shitty Doomsday at that!) was a great idea? Also, they never explained Wonder Woman and as much as I love Gal Gadot, I just wasn't buying her character. Again, she needed her own movie first. This movie is basically akin to Avengers 2. It's fodder. It's filler. It was rushed. They were in such a hurry to have Batman and Superman fight that they completely forgot to write a convincing story. I'll go on faith and say that it might all eventually work out in the end but I won't know until it comes out on Blu-Ray or Netflix. This movie was the litmus test for me to see if it was worth spending actual money on for future installments. It wasn't. Hell, I shouldn't even be writing this review. The only reason I went to see it in theaters is because I was offered a free ticket. Zack Snyder was quoted as saying that he's a big fan of comics but I'm not quite certain he's ever picked up a Superman, Batman or any DC comic for that matter.

I'm sure I'll have more gripes with the movie should I watch it again but it might take a while for me to recover from yet another piece of my childhood being cast into chaos and oblivion. Feel free to comment. I can't be the only one that feels this way.


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