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Ok so after seeing the amazing movie last night, I can tell you that it is an amazing opener for the DCEU! With outstanding performances by Ben Affleck, Henry Cavil, Gal Gadot, Jessie Eisenburg and more, while the movie wasn't perfect, it sure as hell was truly amazing. The movie opens with a short re living of when Beuce Wayne truly became the Batman. But instead of going into depth like most Batman precedents, it was short clips that told a short and sweet (not truly sweet though really) story of their deaths. The scene after when Bruce falls into the bat cave and the bats lift him up was a bit ummmm.... Different.

Once the opener was through, the movie really started. One thing that j loved about the movie was that it worked hard to begin the story of the Justice League. With cameos from Flash, Cyborg, and Aquaman, you could tell that they casted right. While no one truly spoke it had a major role of those three, you could tell that they'll be both comic induced and original in their own way. Another great scene was the "Knightmare" scene, which was literally just that. That also lead to the Flashs first of two cameo appearances.

One topic I'd also like to bring up was the doomsday topic. Amazingly enough, he wasn't truly rushed in or even necessarily shoehorned into the movie. They established the motive of his presence and even his origin in a new way. The only thing is that he didn't become a true doomsday of the comics, and I wish that they would've found a way to do so, rather than just killing him off like they did. Hopefully his body will be out to an evil use and we'll see him come back to terrorize our man of steel again.

Speaking of our great man of steel, what the hell was with that ending?!?!?!? They "killed" him off just to bring him back. I mean he took a nuke and lived again within minutes!!!! He took a stab wound and it took days!! Bull, especially since he was surrounded with sun during this time!!!! And then they gave a slight hint to him coming back. I get that they want to make it seem like it'd be a sad ending, but we all knew he'd be back, especially since Cavil is listed in the cast as Superman for Justice League part one next year. They could've done some great amazing ending but no instead we get a hint at a hero that we all know lived through, hinted at living through.... Why not do something like what Captain America did and give a huge hint for the Justice League. Would've been such a better ending.

Ok now for one topic that has been a subject of controversy for quite some time now: Batfleck. Honestly, he's put up the best live action rendition of both Wayne AND the Batman since Michael Keaton in '89. Truly amazing performance in his end. This movie also gave my personal favorite live action Alfred Pennyworth, beating all f the rest, even Michael Canes performance in Christopher Nolans trilogy.

Overall, it was a great movie, perhaps not the best DC movie (that'd be The Dark Knight by far) but definitely in the top 5, and I personally definite auggest it to anyone who loves comic book movies


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