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AMC's Preacher is kicking into full gear, and with new images, info and other stuff being released onto the public, we should ask one thing: WHERE IN THE BLOODY HELL IS THE SAINT OF KILLLERS, MATE?

For those who haven't read the comic, the Saint Of Killers is awaken, he's like a southern gun wielding Clint Eastwood but also kind of a demon, then he is awaken by some angel (who he shoots in the face) to hunt down Jesse Custer, in whom Genesis (the child of an angel and a demon) has possesed him, and given him the word, similar to Kilgrave's powers, mate.

But we haven't heard if he'l be in the tv show or who will play him, but aside from a cool easter egg in the first trailer, we don't have anything about him in the show, so what's up? But let's leave that, and think who's gonna play him?

Here's some actors who could be considered.

1. Arnold Schwarzenegger

Alright, this is more of taking a piss, mate, but think about it, mate, he's strong, and old, and the right age.

Okay, i love Arnold, but this is more of a taking a piss.

2. Scott Glenn

Scott Glenn
Scott Glenn

Who do you think will play the Saint? (If he's even in the show!)

Here's a new image featuring Arseface:

What an arse, mate.
What an arse, mate.

Are you excited for Preacher? Did you vomit from that first look at Arseface? Do you think the Saint Of Killers is in this show? Did you read the comics?


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