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WARNING! This article may contain spoilers regarding Batman Vs Superman: Dawn of Justice

For months fans have speculated upon how the characters of the Justice League may finally make their appearance in the newly released Batman Vs Superman: Dawn of Justice. We never doubted that Batman would have one of the most iconic entrances to ever hit the cinematic world, while Superman just waltzed into the movie as if it were life as usual and Wonder Woman left me wondering, for the majority of the film, whether she'd actually show or not. However, I believe that one of the most important and pivotal entrances throughout the whole film was that of the Flash.

It's not exactly what you think. The Flash doesn't appear mid-battle like Wonder Woman and turn the tables on the villains. He doesn't stand eye to eye with Superman to protect his city or even infuriate Batman in any way. In reality, his entrance is still quite a mystery. The Flash makes a total of two appearances throughout the film but it is his first appearance, the apparent dream Bruce has that really is the pivotal point in the plot. At one point Bruce Wayne is simply dreaming of horror and destruction, typical dreams you'd imagine the Dark Knight to have, so nothing really interesting there. However, a midst all that chaos and distraction of this dream another hero appears: the Flash.

You may think, how important could a dream be? Well, personally, I don't believe it to be a dream. Bruce has never met the Flash, until this point in the film he didn't even know Meta-Humans existed, so why would he randomly dream of one? No, I think this was the real Barry Allen, maybe one from the future, who had a vital message for Bruce:

“You have to find us… It’s Lois. She’s the key.”

The Flash, in these short lines, gives Batman a vital quest. He tells Batman to "find us" ( the 'us' probably referring to the the Meta-Humans which will eventually make up the Justice League). Very little is known as to why Lois is so important that the Flash would, possibly, travel through time to tell Bruce about it. I guess we will just have to wait and find out.

However this IS the the ultimate turning point of the story. This is the spark, the true 'Dawn of Justice', the real birth of the Justice League.

"You have to find us."

It is these words that inspire Batman to finally begin his quest to find Aquaman, Cyborg and the Flash himself. It will be these words that will trigger the birth of one of the Earth's greatest superhero teams.

Many people may argue and say that Batman was better than Superman or that Wonder Woman stole the show in that final battle. However, we must not forget the small but vital role the Flash plays in the film. If it wasn't for him we may not have seen the true Dawn of Justice occur.


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