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The Film is Okay, not Terrible, but not Great. The First things first, Ben Affleck as Batman, he proved every naysayer wrong, because he did an incredible performance as Bruce Wayne/Batman (Even though I'm not much of a Ben Affleck fan), Jeremy Irons did a incredible job as Alfred and Gal Gadot did an incredible performance as Diane Prince/Wonder Woman, she should be commended for other films. The Action scenes are great, the Batman/Superman fight off is amazing and the visuals are awesome.

And that's about it for positives, now lets talk about the negatives. Jesse Eisenberg as Lex Luthor, a terrible casting choice and an okay acting performance, that goes for Henry Cavill as Superman, he did a decent job, but not an incredible one. The Story and script are both sloppy and feel so different between halves of these films. And yes Doomsday is in this film, and he is exactly what we expected when we thought he's going to show up at the end, and yep that's what happened.

The Blindious Fanboyus has overtaken the DC fanboys who are defending this film to death, parts of this movie are undefended and overall terrible, the climax is okay, but the worst part of this movie is, is that it's solely made to set up the Justice League, just as the Amazing Spider-Man 2, was just made to solely make the Sinister Six. Batman v Superman is just made for sequel-bait and it doesn't even tell it's own story that well.

Overall if you are curious to see this film, it would say see it once, but overall this film is okay at best. My Final Score for Batman v Superman is a 5/10 and Okay Film held up by the performances by Affleck, Gadot and Irons the action and visuals, but held down by the performances of Eisenberg and Cavill, the story and Script and the Sequel-Bait method of filmmaking. Why Zack Snyder, Why???

+ Ben Affleck, Gal Gadot and Jeremy Irons

+ Action and Visuals

- Story and Script

- Sequel-Bait Filmmaking

- Jesse Eisenberg, and Henry Cavill


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