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Set to broadcast in just over a week, the second series (third season) of Sailor Moon Crystal will introduce fans to the highly anticipated arrival of the Outer Senshi. With the date coming closer and closer, a new trailer has been released. The trailer reveals a lot of new footage for fans to get excited over.

The trailer reveals more images of Haruka (Sailor Uranus), Michiru (Sailor Neptune) and Hortaru (Sailor Saturn) along with the return of Setsuna (Sailor Pluto) forming the four members of the Outer Senshi. We also see they will be returning to a traditional anime style transformation sequence for the characters, moving away from the CGI transformations used in the first series. We also see more of the villains of the series, the Death Busters.

As if that was not enough, an advanced preview of the first episode was screened to a lucky audience. With that came the official opening and a new attack for Sailor Moon.

The opening will feature a new song by Etsuko Yakushimaru called "In Love with New Moon". The opening reveals the look for Super Sailor Moon, which will feature once all the talismans are gathered and the Holy Grail is unlocked.

The attack is one known by Sailor Moon fans and that is Moon Spiral Heart Attack. With just over a week to go before the premier, fans have been given plenty to get excited about. Will you be tuning in on April 4, 2016?


Will you be watching the third season of Sailor Moon?


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