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Batman vs Superman released this past Thursday and the overall consensus was that it is pretty damn entertaining. Critics bash it while audiences cheer. People are saying that Ben Affleck's Batman is the best Batman yet, while others can't deal with no Christian Bale. Batman will have a return role in Suicide Squad, and it seems like it will be pretty bad-ass. If correct... SPOILERS!

Events before Batman vs. Superman

Throughout Batman vs Superman there were references to the clown prince Joker. In the film Batman states to Superman that they have had problems with clowns dressing up and terrorizing. This scene showed audiences that Suicide Squad will take place before the events of Batman vs. Superman. Earlier in the film Batman looks at the Robin costume where there is obvious graffiti stating "HAHAHA The Jokes On You Batman!". This might be an event we will get to see during Suicide Squad where Joker kills Robin. Now to Suicide Squad. According to Screen Rant; all the super criminals placed in Belle Rave Prison will have been put there by Batman. This shows us he has been at the Batman job along time before the events of Batman vs. Superman. Snyder states,

“We are playing him 45 or 46. He has been Batman for 20 years. All the history is there. Was there a Robin at one time? Possibly… He has lost those near and dear to him, and not necessarily from old age of disease…”

The Boogeyman

In the story arc of Suicide Squad, all villains fear the mighty Batman, even referring to him as the boogeyman. This really helps drive the events of the comics home. In the comics everyone fears the Batman and fans haven't really been able to see this until Batman vs. Superman and soon in Suicide Squad. In Suicide Squad, Batman will still be pretty old in which he doesn't really care anymore about the outcome of villains resulting in his killing moods. This makes his character a lot more threatening to Joker and the rest of the super villain crew.


Suicide Squad will not focus mainly on Batman but there is a feeling in the air that Batman will be a non-stop nuisance to the super villain group. Suicide Squad will dive deeper into the heart of who Batman really is and how broken his life has really became where all he cares about is the city of Gotham.

How else is Batman going to be bad-ass in Suicide Squad?

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