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Anyone up for a little Easter Egg hunt? Disney faces can be found throughout the decades of family adored films, faces you may recognize from other stories. The question is, can you find them all? Have you ever spotted these characters hidden in plain sight? Here are 26 familiar faces roaming outside their own movies! Some of them are going to blow your mind!

1. The Little Mermaid features the trio of Walt Disney

Mermaid versions of Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck and Goofy can be seen among the crowd during King Triton's grand entrance. It's pretty hard to make out, but if you look closely, Mickey ears are very visible and there's no way you can miss Goofy's face! In addition to the trio, Kermit the Frog from The Muppets is also present in the underwater audience, though he's almost completely invisible in the featured photo.

2. 101 Dalmatians features four different hounds from Lady and The Tramp

Though Peg, one of the pound dogs from Lady and The Tramp can be seen through a pet store window, Lady, Tramp, and Jock make appearances in 101 Dalmatians during the Twilight Bark. They're all easy to find among the other dogs if you know what to look for!

3. Oliver & Company features pups from both 101 Dalmatians and Lady and The Tramp

Pongo shows up in Oliver & Company, along with several different strays and neighborhood dogs in Lady and The Tramp such as Peg, Jock, and Trusty! These hounds don't know how to stay away!

4. Brother Bear features a glimpse of that missing fish

If you blink, you'll miss him! Nemo can be seen for half a second during Brother Bear when the villagers are pulling in their catch of the day. But don't worry! Nemo just kept swimming down and found his way back to safety.

5. Hercules got a hold of that very handsome throw rug

This Easter Egg is a toss across! Scar not only got exactly what he had coming, but turns out Zazu wasn't joking at all when suggesting he be made into a throw rug! Karma's a funny thing, isn't it?

6. The Little Mermaid features guests of other royalty

At the end of the film, during Arial and Prince Eric's wedding, The King and The Grand Duke from Cinderella can be seen in the background enjoying a cruise over the ocean!

7. Tangled features that wooden boy who practically started the magic

In the Snuggly Duckling, Pinocchio is seen chilling on the ceiling boards! He is clearly wooden, and this leads me to wonder how many lies he must've told to get punished so harshly? He had finally become a real boy! What happened?

8. Tarzan trashed the camp and there are potted witnesses to prove it

From Beauty and The Beast, Mrs. Potts and Chip appear in the jungle camp just before the gorilla's tear it to shreds! Another Easter Egg toss across when the elephant makes the comment, "I feel like they're watching me."

9. Frozen got tangled in theories and relatives

The ever so popular Easter Egg of 2014 was when Rapunzel and newly wed Flynn Rider were spotted making their way through the kingdom to attend Elsa's coronation. I'm a strong believer of the cousins theory, and this tiny scene stirs my speculations every time.

10. Monsters, Inc found Nemo first

It would appear that Nemo had been hiding in Boo's room the whole time! In this tear jerking scene, Nemo can be seen as a plush toy for which Boo hands over to Sully. Also, Jessie is featured in doll form as well. Monsters, Inc came out way before Toy Story 2, where we first meet Jessie the cowgirl. Coincidence? Pixar is always scheming.

11. Wreck-It Ralph even welcomed tangled up characters into their video game world

Check it out! Several different faces from Tangled are spotted roaming the extension cord of Wreck-It Ralph land. Maximus is visible, along with Snuggly Duckling goer, Vladimir!

12. The Hunchback of Notre Dame features faces from The Lion King, Beauty and The Beast, and Aladdin

In The Hunchback of Notre Dame, many different characters can be spotted throughout the kingdom. Belle is seen wandering the streets with a book in her hand, Magic Carpet is found getting the dust beaten out of him, and it would appear that Pumbaa was either turned into a stone gargoyle, or he modeled for one. The explanation is unknown at this time.

13. Ratatouille gave us a glimpse of a Pixar favorite long before the movie came out

He may seem more ferocious than he is in Up, but that shadowed dog is definitely Dug. Makes me wonder how exactly he went from Paris house pet to talking mountain guard dog. This is literally Disney foreshadowing at it's finest!

14. The Rescuers features Bambi and his mother

In a dark, depressing scene in The Rescuers for which little Penny is pleading to be rescued, Bambi and his mother deer can be seen drinking by the swampy riverside.

15. Fox and The Hound features squirrel version of Wart

Yep, even characters from The Sword and The Stone make appearances. In the lonely forest where Todd is dropped off, Wart can be seen scurrying across the tree branches, trying to escape the incoming storm.

16. The Princess and The Frog features freaks from the other side

The Nightmare Before Christmas may have been one of Disney's very worst films, in my opinion, but Jack still made an exciting appearance as one of Dr. Facilier's friends from the other side. Makes sense. Creeps me out, as well.

17. Inside Out may have actually killed a character off

That dead rat in the corner sure does look an awful lot like Remy, doesn't it? Surely not, but could it be? That's a pretty long trip from Paris to San Francisco. The case remains open.

18. Treasure Planet features a stuffed version of one of my favorites

Plush doll Stitch can be seen chilling on the kid's dresser as a child and as a teen. Looks like we weren't the only fans of this troublesome little alien.

19. The Great Mouse Detective features a bath toy every family has owned at some point

Sculpted into a plastic bubble dispenser, Dumbo is very clearly seen in The Great Mouse Detective. I remember seeing stuff like this at the store, and I'm almost positive we owned one at some point. Odd.

20. Aladdin features a beast indeed

The Beast from Beauty and The Beast can be seen as one of Sultan's little stacking toys in Aladdin. Interesting how all these Disney films love Beauty and The Beast so much.

21. The Great Mouse Detective hired familiar help

Bill the Lizard from Alice In Wonderland can be seen as part of Ratigan's gang in The Great Mouse Detective. He's hard to miss, because he's the only member who isn't a mouse or rat.

22. Up features the toy we wanted to forget

When Carl's house first takes off, it flies by the window of an apartment building, where we see a little girl playing. If you look at the toys in the room, Lotso from Toy Story 3 can be seen by the bed, along with the infamous Pixar ball!

23. The Incredibles features another character we shouldn't know about yet

During the epic fight scene for which the entire family has to work together to take down the giant robot, Doc Hudson from Cars can be seen parked on the street. He even has eyes!

24. Finding Nemo features a lost toy

In the dentist office, there's a treasure chest full of toys for younger patients. One of those toys happens to be Buzz Lightyear from Toy Story!

25. Aladdin features a friend from under the sea

Sebastian can be seen pinching the Genie in Aladdin! He looks just as glum and miserable as ever.

26. Toy Story 2 features Pixar relatives

In a desperate search for Woody, Buzz Lightyear actually trudges right through Flick and Heimlich from A Bug's Life hanging out on a bush branch! During Toy Story 2's bloopers (because yes, Toy Story 2 has bloopers), there's an Easter Egg scene for which Flick and Heimlich are enjoying the sun and great outdoors before getting trampled. I'm sure they're okay. Though...that would explain the obvious lack of a sequel. *shrugs*


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