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It was a bright and sunny day, I was spending the weekend in Universal City, Los Angeles for an ACP national journalism conference that the editors of my school's newspaper attended. The hotel we were staying at was two blocks away from Universal Studios Hollywood and as I'm sure you know I am a huge fan of the cinema. So without hesitation I bought that $90 ticket and headed to what I thought would be my favorite part of the trip.

And boy was I right.

The entire theme park itself is a blast, letting you engage yourself in the world of movies. The only two rides that I didn't get to enjoy were the Simpson's ride and the Jurassic Park ride. However, with the Simpson’s I was still able to enjoy some time hanging out in Springfield and get a burger at the Krusty Burger. Missing out on the Jurassic Park ride was truly unfortunate, but everything else truly made up for it.

The Mummy, Transformers and the studios tour were probably my favorite. We took a ride through a ginormous city set where every block looked like a different city. At one point we would be driving down 29th street in NYC and the next we'd be driving down a dirt road in New Mexico. We watched multiple 3D shows including one where King Kong fought off a few T. rex's. It was incredible for reasons that are honestly hard to explain. Our shuttle sat in between two screens that were very large, so any direction that you looked it looked as if you were sitting in a jungle next to King Kong.

It was an incredible day and towards the end there was a huge crowd surrounding the entrance to the newly built Wizarding World of Harry Potter. The park didn't actually open until April 7, but the gate into Hogsmeade with the castle in the background was such a tease. People couldn't help but crowd around the entrance just to get a glimpse of what was inside. As a huge fan of Harry Potter I wanted to go inside so badly, I've been wanting to go to the Universal Studios in Orlando specifically for Harry Potter since 2010. So I imagine you could understand my anxiety when I was standing at the gate and security guards were telling everyone that they...

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