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Popular website and review aggregator, Rotten Tomatoes, has been giving the long awaited movie, Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice a lot of flak and for no good reason.

The movie, which I think has few flaws, if any, and does a wonderful job kicking off the DC Extended Universe (DCEU), has been receiving bad reviews since it's first showing on Wednesday.

I just wanted to let you know that the people who criticized the movie either didn't understand some elements of the DC Universe, didn't like that it wasn't the "slam a joke in every five minutes" kind of movie (a standard set my Marvel), or just Marvel fanboyed all over the internet with their of reviews. The incredible bias and similarities that I found among reviews were awful, redundant, and just plain repetitive.

I'm giving my review because I actually though that the movie was very well made, nicely paced, and really connected me to the characters. A major concern with the movie, surprisingly, was that people said they couldn't connect with the characters. I think that when a character is conveying their emotions on screen instead of cracking jokes, then and only then can I connect with that character. And that's why I'm reviewing this movie.

BvS starts off with a scene from after the funeral service of Thomas and Martha Wayne (Jeffrey Dean Morgan and Lauren Cohan). Their surviving yet emotional son, Bruce (Brandon Spink) runs away from Alfred's side into the forest (Jeremy Irons does an amazing job as Alfred throughout the entire film by the way) and falls into a mine shaft or something where he finds hundreds of bats living. This scene was done amazingly and was an amazing way to start the movie.

We then proceed to see a movie set eighteen months after "Man of Steel." This movie not only tugged at my heart strings, it made me feel for the heroes and understand the villain.

Action, drama, and emotion were thrown at me and all for good reason. Never once did I feel overwhelmed by what was happening on the screen. While there were some plot hole that weren't addressed, I'm not even sure you can really call them "plot holes." I don't know if the critics realized but, there are still several more movies to come after Dawn of Justice. I'm sure everything will be addressed.

There were a few awesome cameo appearances that may be the source of all this "plot hole" nonsense and the confusion being associated with the film. Flash (Ezra Miller) makes the first cameo of the Justice League members and actually points out something setting up the future Justice League movies. He apparently has the ability to time travel and was seen during a dream Bruce Wayne was having around the time that he was also having the nightmare shown in several trailers alluding to Darkseid. Flash yelled that "Lois Lane [was] the key."

Bruce Wayne had been invited to a party by Lex Luthor (Jesse Eisenberg) and so was Diana Prince (Gal Gadot). He stole Lex's files and and Diana stole them from him. He later gets them back and finds that Lex has files on "meta-humans", all being future members of the Justice League, which was really awesome to see.

Meanwhile, Superman (Henry Cavill) is being tested and tried by the public. Some say he's a god, while others worry for the planet's safety, one of those people being Batman. Batman finds out that Lex has found something that can stop Superman (Kryptonite) and plans to make it a weapon against him and plans to steal it. Because of his first attempt Superman tells him to hang up his cape and of course this sparks the battle between them.

And let me tell you: It is done beautifully. Lex captures Clark Kent's mother and forces him to fight Batman. Batman wins the battle and plans to kill Superman with a spear made of pure Kryptonite but Clark begs him to save Martha (Martha Kent, not Martha Wayne) and Bruce because full of emotion asking "Where did you get that name?" Lois Lane comes just in time to reveal that their mothers have the same name and Bruce realizes that they are not enemies. This is done so well and I give Zack Snyder props for directing this and to the actors for portraying the right amount of sadness and anger.

The final battle is a three to one battle: Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman vs Doomsday. Wonder Woman really shines in this part of the film showing of her warrior abilities and her commitment to killing the monster cloned from Luthor and Zod. Superman take the Kryptonite spear and shoves it into Doomsday, sacrificing himself and saving the world. Superman dies, but Batman alludes to finding the other "meta-humans" with the aid of Wonder Woman. And then we pan to Superman's casket, hear a heartbeat and see soil rising from the grave.

This movies was such a breath of fresh air. It had an amazing story that was told wonderfully, characters that were relatable, and was a spectacle visually, and a great set up for Justice League and the rest of the DCEU. I hope that you take your time and actually go and see the movie for yourself and do as I did and write a stellar review afterwards.


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