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It's not all about the bare necessities anymore. Well it is if you still enjoy the classic Disney movie. A new clip has been posted out to the world of the new Live-Action Film, 'The Jungle Book', which is retelling the all time classic! The clip has come from Jon Favreu's and shows us a rather terrifying introduction to the films main villain. Shere Kahn is voiced by the sensational Idris Elba.

The clip is said to take place rather early on in the film. The film's protagonist, Mowgli, is living secretly among a pack of wolves who then adopt and the orphaned little boy. All the animals from the jungle then gather round the watering hole. The the fearful Shere Kahn smells a rather different odour in the pack. This is then followed by a stand off between the terrifying tiger and the wolves.

By looking at the trailers, this dramatic showdown is the actual reason why Mowgli goes on the run in the first place. Shere Kahn's forced exile eventually send the rather young protagonist on a spectacular adventure where he comes in contact with lots of different animals. This includes Baloo the bear (Bill Murray), the giant snake called Kaa (Scarlett Johansson) and of course the orangutan named King Louie (Christopher Walken). Watch the fantastic trailer below!

The film is set to hit cinemas April 15th. Do not miss it!


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