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One of my all-time favorite YouTubers is Kevjumba. He was a YouTuber that uploaded comedy videos on a bunch of stuff. But in 2013, he stopped uploading videos and recently, his videos were privated. There were many rumors as to where he was.

Some believed that he had left YouTube to pursue acting, as seen in his film, Man Up. However, that's not true because Man Up was filmed in 2013, when he was still actively posting videos. He was showing clips of the movie and he had a mullet in his 2013 YouTube videos. And as there were almost no special effects in the film (I watched it), it could not have taken over a year to make.

It's on Netflix.
It's on Netflix.

Another rumor said that he was in Africa, teaching children at the Kevjumba High School, which he had built using the money raised from JumbaFund.

I heard another rumor saying that he was a Buddhist monk now and he was now studying Buddhism. I didn't believe that this was true. I couldn't find any proof as to the fact that he was. But then I watched this video by brokethehabit:

This bought up the fact that in a picture he took with a fan, he's holding a book that said "Bhagavad Gita", which is a Hindu scripture.

Recently, I saw that kevjumba's Twitter page was back up. It had been deleted due to a hacker on his account.

When I saw that it was back up, I saw that this was what his profile said:

As far as I know, his Twitter page originally had a website link that went to, which has been taken down. But now if you look at both his description and his website, they lead to He put this website on his YouTube channel and his Facebook as well.

So I took a look at the website and it's true; well, kind of.

The website says that he's not a monk. However, he's decided to go back to college and now admires the life of a monk and he is looking into Buddhism. According to one of the articles he wrote, he has retired from YouTube, and this means no more Kevjumba comedy vids.

I would tell you more, but all of the information is at He has four articles there and they tell you what has happened and they are all written by him. So go check that out.


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