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For a very long time have I scoured the internet in search of a platform where anyone could post their ideas, thoughts and feelings with the hope of generating an audience. does not discriminate based on level of education, political party affiliation or age. Here, we can all be ourselves and find an audience who will love us for that simple fact; the fact that here, we are ourselves. Thank you, for the opportunity you've given content creators. My only regret is not having stumbled upon this wonderful platform sooner. I'll get right down to it and tell you guys what I'm all about, considering I have quite a bit of catching up to do in the "fan-base" vicinity.

My name is James. I am a 21 year old college student who doesn't really have that many interesting things to say about himself. I could hype myself up and tell you 100 reasons why I'm gonna be the next big thing on, but I believe that modesty is the best policy. I'll stick to creating the content, and I will let you guys be the judge of its worthiness. Sound like a deal? Glad we have come to an understanding, deer readers. (I know, I know. Dear*)

Most of the content you guys will see on my profile will be opinion pieces regarding topics in the gaming industry. Topics will vary. One day, I might sit down and write a nice little exposé about why Call of Duty is the best thing to ever happen to society. The next, I could write all about how the economy would be better off with a worldwide ban against playing Street Fighter. In all honesty though, I will be writing about topics that I feel are pressing for the gaming community yet do not garner enough attention from the popular media outlets. I promise you all, you will never see an article about Donald Trump here, or any political candidate for that matter. There's CNN and Fox for that.

Aside from just opinion pieces, I may write a little bit about my life in the form of a blog. I may do gaming product reviews; negative or positive. That's the great thing about; we can take this thing in any direction we want. So, guys, where to next?


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