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Star Wars: Episode 8 is currently under production and new information has revealed the addition of another actress to the stacked casting list as it is. The newest addition to the cast is that of Laura Dern. There has been no confirmation as to what role Laura Dern will have in Star Wars: Episode 8, but newly leaked information indicates that Laura Dern's character will be a leader in the Resistance after General Leia Organa cannot resume command. Dern's character is said to take over command of the Resistance when General Leia Organa's ship is attacked by the First Order. General Organa survives the attack but is wounded and winds up in a coma. The command of the Resistance falls to Dern's character, but she fails and the Resistance suffers casualties. The other piece of leaked information cites that Dern's character in the film will come from an antagonistic mindset , along with an ambiguous set of loyalties which could correlate to the Resistance failing further under her command, having been purposely set into motion by Dern's character. If the character for which Laura Dern is playing has an ambiguous set of loyalties, that could jeopardize the status of the Resistance if she chooses to side with another alliance rather than the Resistance. Or her role may be a conflicting one, wherein she has no choice but to betray the Resistance in lieu of whoever she is in league with commanding her to do so. These are all theoretical for the moment.

The real piece of information that is valuable is the addition to the cast of Star Wars: Episode 8 being Laura Dern, she's had a few notable roles in the past 20 years but she's most remembered for her role as Ellie Satler in Jurassic Park(1993). She played the part of Ellie Satler, excellently; assertive with a flirty attitude, and deeply immersed in the role of a paleontologist for which she was playing. Laura Dern's acting career hasn't had huge roles to the likeness of her part in Jurassic Park, however her inclusion in Star Wars: Episode 8 will definitely get people talking about Laura Dern again as an acting actress of the world.

The other noteworthy piece of information is the potential thread of General Leia Organa being attacked, then falling into a coma. There is some potential for the events in Star Wars: Episode 8 to occur along similar lines. General Organa is the leader of the Resistance and Kylo Ren, her son, is attempting to rule the galaxy. General Leia Organa, his mother, the leader of the Resistance is out to stop him. There would definitely be reason for General Organa to be caught in some crossfire between the Resistance and the First Order, but as to why she ends up in a coma though not dead is quite a mystery. Could Leia Organa have a confrontation with her son, Kylo Ren/Ben Solo during Star Wars: Episode 8 that results in her falling into a coma? The events could be a call-back to the instance of Anakin Skywalker's outburst of anger using his Force powers on Padame Amidala in Star Wars: Episode 3 Revenge of the Sith. The plausible nature of Leia falling into a coma is starting to make a lot of sense, with the confrontation between her son becoming inevitable. Leia would try to reach out to her son, just as Han Solo atttempted to, and Kylo Ren would once again turn on his parents, hurting his mother using his Force-abilities. Although an intriguing aspect of this, is that if Leia does have some confrontation with Kylo Ren, in his attempt to use his Force abilities on Leia, Kylo Ren may be surprised to find that Leia too is a Force-wielder. Nothing has been said or events passed that indicate General Leia Organa has developed or manifested Force-abilities, other than her blood-line being that of a lineage of Jedi/Force-wielders including Anakin Skywalker and Luke Skywalker. The events of Star Wars: Episode 8 could see General Leia Organa revealed to be a Force-wielder who saves the group she's with by restraining Kylo Ren with her Force abilities, only to be greatly injured in the encounter. It would play into the rumors of the character for which Laura Dern is playing, having a role as the new leader of the Resistance in General Leia's absence. Or Laura Dern could even have a bigger role in what happens to General Leia.

Nothing is known yet of what Laura Dern is doing on Star Wars: Episode 8 but the association between her character taking over as leader of the Resistance could have more to do with General Leia in a coma than led to believe. Dern's character, whose rumored to have ambiguous loyalties could have ulterior motives as a part in the Resistance. She may even be the cause of General Leia ending up in a coma, possibly putting General Leia in the situation that results in her lying in said coma and Dern's character taking the leadership role of the Resistance. Dern's character commanding the Resistance could cause it to self-destruct from the inside out in favor of her loyalty to someone else wanting the Resistance destroyed, umm Kylo Ren and the First Order. These are all theoretical possibilities, no information has been confirmed other than Laura Dern's involvement in Star Wars: Episode 8. We'll have to wait for more confirmed information to be release on the film. Leave your thoughts below, do you think Laura Dern's role in [Star Wars: Episode VIII](tag:711868) has something to do with General Leia Organa theoretically winding up in a coma?


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