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Yesterday, May 25, Warner Brothers Entertainment / DC Comics unleashed their latest super hero film, Batman v Superman: Dawn Of Justice. It was, to say the least, a momentous occasion. This is a movie that features two characters whose origins date back to 1938-39. They had a very strong run under a comic book title, World's Finest. Batman has appeared in 7 major motion pictures, more than any other comic book character, and Superman comes in at number two with 6 appearances. But neither character ever appeared in a movie with the other. In 2007 it almost happened with George Millers' Justice League: Mortal, but the studio became fearful of a movie that didn't make a lot of money so they shut the project down ion the day it was set to begin filming.

In 1941 Wonder Woman came into being, a legendary warrior princess who was like no other female character. Who she was as a character has changed numerous times over the years, just as her costume has and she has evolved from Army Nurse in World War II to arguably the most powerful member of the Justice League, and still is in 2016, a span of 65 years. She was the feature of two television series, played first by Cathy Lee Crosby, then the iconic Linda Carter. The knock against her, she never appeared in a feature film. The studio's excuse was they didn't know how to handle the character, couldn't come up with a story that worked. Yesterday we found out what works.

Before the movie had a chance at fans and moviegoers yesterday, 128 critics launched a barrage of critiques at the movie, with 85 of them condemning the movie as a complete and total failure. These masterful experts of what is good and isn't on the big screen were basically writers for Internet rags like Rotten Tomatoes, IGN, Colider, Geek Tyrant, etc. Now this is a movie that set a record on premiere day at the box office the day before the movie opened to the public. It also set a record on its first day of availability to the general public and the majority of moviegoers are loving it, and there have been people who have now seen it twice. I think its odd that the seriously reputable critics, such as the big four newspapers in America thought differently and were more favorable with their comments. This would include the Chicago Tribune, the Los Angeles Times, and the big one, the New York Times. So who is right, the millions upon millions of fans world wide and major newspapers, or sources that are, as I said, rags?

Sources like Rotten Tomatoes are complaining that there was too much packed into one movie for it to flow smoothly and keep everyone's attention focused. There were too many characters, and many of the characters were poorly developed, if at all. There was also the complaint that DC/Warner did not stick to the historic background material on the characters. But none of the rags pointed out what characters they were talking about. There were no specifics, just a lot of insinuation left to readers to figure out. On May 23, Rotten Tomatoes announced its rating for the movie, a rating of 29%, which means what exactly? And its funny that Rotten Tomatoes rated the movie a full day before critics were even allowed into theaters to see the movie, so where does this rating come from?

So, do I think its funny/strange that Avengers: Age Of Ultron did better on the Rotten Tomatometer than Dawn Of Justice? Yeah, I do, because Age Of Ultron was full of the same holes, assuming that Dawn Of Justice has those holes, and aside from critics and fan boys, no one else is making these kinds of claims. If Dawn Of Justice was crowded, what was Age Of Ultron with 11 super heroes plus Shield's people running around for 2 and a half hours? And can somebody please tell me when in that movie they developed historic backgrounds for Scarlet Witch, Quicksilver and Vision, and where did that romance from Hulk and Black Widow come from so suddenly?

They saved time developing quicksilver by killing him off, and my oh my did anyone see that as a work of genius? We walked away from Age Of Ultron with no idea who these 3 characters are/were, or anything about their powers, save for Quicksilver is fast. True to the mythology, we discovered that Vibranium comes from Wakanda, not Adamantium like it says in every historic Marvel literary work ever. Did people pick up on that, they must have if the same people are picking up on rumored flaws in Dawn Of Justice, right?

I personally consider it a serious flaw in realism and practicality when I see Captain America do a little flip move over his handlebars and in half flip, in mid air, hurl the motorcycle down the road at an oncoming Hydra vehicle. Yeah, I understand this is Marvel and ridiculous and silly is the name of the game, but realistically, it is impossible, particularly with nothing for him to push against. He would have needed some sort of footing to give him the leverage, and since when has Captain America ever had that kind of strength anyway? But then that is what is wrong with the critics, they can't stand reality and are desperate for the ridiculous.

Because so many of the website articles mentioned Rotten Tomatoes rating in their own bitter editorials, well hey, its my guess Rotten Tomatoes influences a bunch of wannabe clones to follow the stink inherent in biased critiques intended to lift Marvel and defeat the opposition. I have always been a fan of Marvel, used to pretend I was Captain America when I was a kid. Are they better than DC? No, they are different. DC has serious characters, and anyone who knows anything about Batman is aware of that. Marvel is a lot less serious, and that works for them. The truth is, Dawn Of Justice is every bit as good as Age Of Ultron, and the fans dropping their money at the box office are the proof of that.

Please feel free to disagree with me in comments, I'm a big boy and I can take it.


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