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Given the movies hype for the past few months , I expected much more from Batman V Superman : Dawn of Justice . That being said it was not a bad movie , just that it did not live up to the hype expected by many.

This review will be a spoiler free one and I will post the review with spoilers soon .

To start off with , you either hate or love the movie depending on how hyped up you were for the movie. The fighting scenes were excellent and seeing the golden trio on the big screen was probably the best part of the movie.

The plot felt rushed as they tried to build towards the big climax of a battle. The plot was undeveloped and contained many plot loopholes, if you were to watch the movie without watching " Man Of Steel (2013 )" previously , you would most likely be lost as you tried to figure the events of the movie as this movie is a direct sequel to " Man Of Steel " with many of the sequences being directly linked back to the previous movie.

While being a great movie with many action sequences , the plot was slightly undeveloped and many who are expecting plenty of fight scenes will be throughly disappointed as they have to get through all the politics of the movie.

The Easter eggs laid throughout the movie were great and this movie really serves as a prequel to the next justice league movie and to resolve many of the problems that were present in the previous movie namely whether Superman is a threat to the earth and how he has affected the people of the earth during the battle for Metropolis

Overall , " Batman v Superman : Dawn of Justice" is a great movie , while people who came to watch a movie packed with action scenes will be severely disappointed as they have to wait through all the politics of the movie . The golden trio ( mainly wonder women ) was really great to see on screen and the fight scenes were superb.

I rate this movie 7.5/10 and would recommend you watch it on the big screen for the greatest effect


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