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This is not a review. It’s more of a spoiler free reason why comics fans should go see Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice. It’s written for true comic book lovers. Collectors, speculators and casual readers… you can stop reading now (not really) and we don’t give a shit if you go or not.

I wouldn’t go to a romantic comedy expecting explosions and gunfights. I wouldn’t go to an arthouse film expecting cheers as beloved, iconic characters that people have loved for 75 years, meet for the first time on screen. I wouldn’t go see a Tyler Perry movie wondering when someone will try to destroy the city just because they have the most ludicrous ego in their universe. And I wouldn’t go to see a movie called Batman VS Superman: Dawn of Justice looking for a feel-good bromance that will garner Oscar Buzz.

I don’t know what movie they saw (for free I might add) but many critics who review BVSDO really negatively, need to fuck off. Please, just go away. There will be some other Revanants or Spotlights or Danish Girls, or some other non comic book snoozefests out this year that you can snuggle up with like a nice girl,or guy, you bring home to mom. Comic movies are not that person. They’re the ones that will make your days fun and your nights wild. And Zack Snyder has made this night wild. He made this film for me. For you. For us. The fanboys and fangirls. The geeks and nerds. The people who have spent way more than they should have in their lives on their pull list. And if you need to google pull list, well then, maybe you are not a true fan.

I will let you in on a little secret… not every comic book ever made is great. Or even good. Some are downright awful. But we read them because we can’t get enough of the characters. They don’t just make them for people who think Maus and Fun Home and even The Watchmen are typical examples of comic books. Yes, some are highbrow, but more are not. I have read over 20-30,000 comics on my life. You read the zeroes correctly. Many of them are exactly what BVSDOJ is, and I, we, the fans, just can’t get enough of them. How else do you explain their longevity? How else can you explain comic-cons getting bigger every year? Hint: it’s not because of Fun Home and Maus. Or cosplay. It’s because the characters have been assimilated into many aspects of our lives over the years in a huge way. The Big Bang Theory alone is like a 30 minute ad every day for comic books.

BVSDOJ is not The Dark Knight. It’s not Captain America: Winter Soldier. It’s not Ghost World. It’s not even Hellboy. What it is, is a very specific type of comic book made into a film. Thank Rao it borrows from many DC Comics source materials. Snyder, Goyer and crew, took some Frank Miller Dark Knight Returns, folded in some Dan Jurgen’s Doomsday storyline, and sprinkled some Matt Wagner Trinity on it, as well as some other Batman and Superman comics ingredients that will leave a happy taste in a true fan’s mouth. They have given us a glimpse of what it’s like to live in a fast moving, DC comic book alternate universe full of familiar images and widescreen action. Every word. Every shot. Every punch. This movie is like a comic book cross-over event except instead of needing to read it for a year… It happens in 150 minutes.

BVSDOJ is not great. There’s some stuff that’s just meh. It’s a little too long and we don’t see enough of Gal Godot’s Wonder Woman. Superman is yet again, kind of a dud. Lois Lane is not annoying. And Lex Luthor, well, they never get him exactly right, do they? But he as at least right for the now. He is an evil Bill gates/Steve Jobs/Mark Zuckerberg hybrid who can’t take not being number one. I always hated teat Hackman and then Spacey, were after real estate. My biggest complaint is that it is missing humor. Not jokes, but humor. Marvel movies have humor. Like real people, they get nervous and make comments that are intended to lighten up the situation for a few nimbuses. Bats and Supes are always taking themselves so seriously that it’s hard for them to crack a smile. The stuff that’s good, works very well. I will say that Affleck is the truest Barman I have seen onscreen since Sandy Collora’s Clark Bartram from Batman:Dead End. And Jeremy Irons as his Alfred? Finally, Alf isn’t a British extra but rather a part of the team. An important one. And Wonder Woman? Every second of her onscreen is perfect. I can’t wait for her solo flick. The fights between the heroes are comic book slugfesttery at it’s best.

To close this out, if you are a true fan, you will enjoy this movie. Just go see it.


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