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April 9 is just around the corner and there's been yet no sign of even a wee sneak peek for . Aye, we've seen the new trailer, but a sneak peek? Nay...

So to ease our expectations, Starz has released a 'behind the scenes' video, 'Creating New Worlds', showing us Paris, the costumes and some quirky dialogues.

If you know Scotland, you must also expect a dramatic new ambiance just with the change of filming venues. As Robert D. Moore explained, the Paris' scenes were actually filmed in Prague, but it still means more light and less grey than Scotland. (Loooove that grey though!).

Catriona Balfe (Claire Fraser) added that it'll be much "more vibrant and alive", and from the video we understand that'll extend to the dialogues and also to the pace of the show. It seems a lot will transpire in Paris in a few episodes before we return to Scotland in the back half of the season.

There's also Jamie (Sam Heughan) and Fergus talking on the streets of Paris, and I'm truly excited to see this little guy finally introduced to the show, since he plays such an important part in the books. Another character that joins the cast in Paris is Louise the Rohan (Claire Sermonne), whose plot doesn't evolve much in the books, but who is the force of nature that introduces Claire Fraser in the high circles of French ladies. Judging by this 'behind the scenes' featurette, she'll be truly fun to watch.

If Scotland was grey, cold and offered many setbacks to Jamie and Claire, Paris will bring a lighter tone, some humor, richness, the life at court and, eventually, it'll also bring some more Randalls to the fold. Oh, and don't forget we get to see royalty this season, with King Louis of France and Prince Charles Stuart of Scotland.

Not in this video, but also joining the cast this season are Laurence Dobiesz as Alex Randall (Jack Randall's brother), Richard Rankin as Roger Mackenzie (all grown up from season 1) and Sophie Skelton as Brianna Fraser.

April can't come fast enough!

'Outlander' season 2 premieres April 9 on Starz.


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