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****WARNING!!! You are now entering a 'Batman v Superman' spoiler zone! Enter at your own peril****

Batman v Superman has crashed into theaters with some interesting, mixed responses. Some say that it might be the best superhero movie of all time, while some will say it destroys the characters of Superman and Batman. It's a real mixed bag of emotions, love and rage by the geek community. I saw it recently and I can easily say that it's... fine. It's not great, but it's not exactly as terrible as Man Of Steel. There were things I found myself enjoying while there was some stuff I thought was really annoying or poorly done.

However, there is one somewhat interesting scene that I think a lot of comic book fans are going to be talking about in the next few weeks. After Bruce Wayne collects/steals some data from Lex Luthor, he starts an encryption process and, really out of nowhere, has this dream or vision about a ruined world where Superman has destroyed everything and Batman has started a rebel force against him. After he snaps out of the dream sequence, a mysterious time traveler comes out of nowhere to warn Bruce that Lois Lane will play a crucial role in an impending threat and that he must find the "others."

The others
The others

After a quick thought and closer look, I was able to put two and two together and deduce that the time traveler was the popular DC hero, The Flash. This made me think that maybe Batman v Superman might be foreshadowing a future darker Superman or Batman movie or a plot point for the upcoming Justice League movie. But what could they be building up to? Well, there are some theories and speculation, and we can go through some right now.

1. Darkseid

Probably the most plausible of the theories is that The Flash is time-traveling to warn Batman of the threat of Darkseid, the archenemy of the Justice League. Darkseid is the tyrannical and brutal ruler of the planet Apokolips who intends to take over the whole universe and take away the free will of anyone who gets in his way, and reshape the galaxy to his own image. It's most likely this will be the main villain of the Justice League movie and the impending threat that is coming to Earth. Unless they want to pull a Marvel move and save him for a later film like they did with Thanos. I guess only time will tell.

2. Injustice

Bruce Wayne's "dream" in Batman v Superman showed briefly a destroyed Earth and what looked like an antagonistic Superman. It's very possible that Batman v Superman has foreshadowed an Injustice movie in the near future. The story of Injustice is that the Batman villain The Joker has destroyed Metropolis with a nuclear bomb after tricking Superman into killing Lois Lane — who was also pregnant with their child. This results in Superman punching a hole into Joker's chest and creating his own world government in which he himself serves as High Councillor.

In Bruce Wayne's dream, we see an army of soldiers, who are led by Superman, take down Batman — and the Flash does tell Bruce Wayne that Lois Lane plays an important role. The pieces are all there.

3. The Flashpoint Paradox

This one is a bit of a stretch, but more hopeful to me because I love the Flashpoint Paradox storyline. In this story Barry Allen, The Flash, wakes up one morning to find that the world has changed drastically. His mother is still alive, Superman and the Justice League do not exist and someone else is taking up the helm of Batman. The story takes some great twists and turns that I won't dare spoil for anyone who has yet to read the comic or see the animated movie. It's very possible that Batman v Superman could be setting up a Flashpoint movie due to The Flash's ability to time travel.

I don't know how Lois Lane could be involved but you never know, DC might put a new twist on the story.

What do you think they were setting up with that scene? Leave a comment below.


What do you think The Flash is warning Bruce Wayne about?


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