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After watching this film, I have very mixed emotions on what I think of the film. There are some moments that I enjoy a lot and then there are some scenes that make no sense whatsoever. This movie had the potential to be one of the best superhero films ever but it tried so hard to cater to the fans of the Justice League and squeeze in many different subplots that set up future films.

Within this film there are multiple different movies. There is a Batman movie, a Superman movie, a Batman v Superman movie, a Justice League movie, and a Lex Luther movie. This could have worked because telling a narrative with multiple heroes has been done before like in Pulp Fiction and Watchmen, which was directed by the same director. They struggled to give sufficient amount of screen time to each character so we could truly understand their motives. Batman out of all the characters at least had much better motivation but when it comes done to the final fight, it feels rushed. For Superman and Lex Luthor, they had just a couple of dialog that were supposed to convince us that they do have motives but a couple of dialog don’t help us understand what exactly they feel. And then the Batman v Superman parts where random and just forced in. Superman and Batman at the beginning don't like each other for good reasons and then the film decides to not build on to that. Eventually when the two heroes do fight, they probably could have talked it out and there would have never been a fight. I was hoping that when I watch this film there was actually going to be a philosophical debate between these two icons but instead it just made the characters seem dumb for what they do. Lex Luthor is so awful in this movie, he was essentially a cartoon character the whole time. Jesse Eisenberg was the worst casting for Lex Luthor and I am not saying Eisenberg is a bad actor, infact he is a great actor but his style of acting does not fit Lex Luthor. And then the Justice League parts. It almost felt like I was watching a trailer to a Justice League film. As a fan of DC comics, I really enjoyed seeing that stuff but it did not help this movie at all in making it better. It instead just took up more of the screen time instead of us getting more screen time of Lex Luthor, Batman and Superman so we could get a better understanding of their motives.

The Trinity!!
The Trinity!!

As I said before, there are many different stories within this film and they don't coherently mesh together. In the beginning of this film we keep cutting from one location to another and to one character to another. It never gave the audience the time to take a breath and take in everything. They could have just made this movie into two parts.

One character who I felt didn't even need to be in this movie as much as she was, was Lois Lane. She was essentially Megan Fox in the TMNT movie. She was unnecessary and was just there to be saved, she has been saved more time in this movie that Princes Peach in her entire life.

Wonder Women!
Wonder Women!

This a minor spoiler about Batman that was essentially teased in the trailers.

Another problem I had was that Batman essentially kills people. The whole interesting point of batman is that he doesn't kill and it gives him more depth. In the Dark Knight the Joker takes advantage of the fact that Batman does not kill and it makes Batman more compelling. But if the filmmakers gave a good reason to why he killed people with just saying it in one dialog. Like maybe a flashback scene to when Robin gets murdered by the Joker and from that day onward he killed every bad guys because he didn't want them to hurt anyone else.

I felt like in the movie, the filmmakers would always just use one piece of dialog to serve as character development and that's not how films work. There needs to be build up to it. It is almost like they had a checklist of things they needed to finish before they went over time.

And the ending was perfect for this film until the last two seconds. The last two seconds almost tell the audience that we are dumb. If they just took out those last two seconds it would have made that last scenes even more powerful. Because we knew that situation would happen eventually.

There is so much fan service in this film but that sometimes adds a cost to the film because it takes up more screen time.


One of the things that definitely aided to ruining my experience was the trailer with doomsday. It essentially spoiled the entire film. It went from plot point to point. If that trailer was never released, I definitely think I would have enjoyed myself more.

So let's talk about the positives. All the performances and casting were on point in this film except for Lex. All the battles and the cinematography was amazing. Also some amazing set pieces and special effects. Very visually pleasing film. The costumes look amazing and so do all the sets. The score is also very, very good.

The thing is that this property is very important to me and I can see the potential it has but these little screw ups ruin the film. The film is more worried about setting up the DC cinematic universe than making a good film in general. If this movie was split into two parts which would be Batman v Superman as the first part and the Dawn of Justice as the second part. So that's why I give this film a 7.3. I do still recommend to watch this film in theater because who will be entertained but don't walk in expecting a movie at the levels of the Christopher Nolan Batman films.


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