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Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice has only been in theaters for two days and there is already rampant talk from fans through every medium about every ounce of content in the film. Fans are writhing their way through the immense amount of content that was filled into Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice. Some of the more intriguing aspects of the film that are gathering attention have to deal with the Easter eggs teased in the film. Here are a few of note, there were probably a few essential ones that I missed so please forgive my ignorance. Here are the Easter Eggs that not a lot of people caught on to either.

For one, the dream sequence wherein Bruce Wayne visits the grave of his mother and father, Thomas and Martha Wayne. During the dream sequence, Bruce looks at his mother's grave and there is blood seeping out of the crack of her burial plot. He touches it and looks closer, only to have some creature break out of the burial plot, lunging at him. Bruce wakes from the dream right after the creature jumps at him, but the second in which the creature appears on-screen, it gives away enough detail to say something about what the creature is. The creature jumping out of Martha Wayne's grave has a bat-like quality to it's face and a bat-like creature has had a comic-book history of plaguing Bruce Wayne/Batman's nightmares. The creature i'm speaking of is that of Man-Bat. The scene may have been very brief but the glimpse was enough to be able to tell the creature is a believable portrayal of Man-Bat. For whatever reason, Man-Bat plagues Bruce's nightmares and is one of Bruce Wayne's fears and that issue is never resolved or discussed during the film. The idea that Bruce Wayne still hasn't come to terms with the death of his parents could be the reason that visiting his parent's grave in a dream is a nightmare, but it still doesn't explain why he associates the painful memory of his parents' murder with a creature like Man-Bat. The Easter egg of Man-Bat appearing in that instance could be hinting at Bruce Wayne having fought the Man-Bat at some point in his history of crime-fighting. The Bruce Wayne/Batman that Ben Affleck portrays is a veteran crime-fighter by the time we are introduced to him in B.v.S. Dawn of Justice which justifies the possibility of Bruce Wayne having gone up against the Man-Bat at some time in his past.

Another Easter egg that most fans missed in the film was that of Aquaman's appearance. The appearance of Aquaman came abruptly via means of recovered LexCorp files showing several powered individuals like Aquaman and the Flash. Aquaman's appearance in the film was simply for audience appeal, his scene only incorporates a LexCorp dive crew finding a sunken ship wherein Aquaman is hiding out but he comes out to destroy the camera taping him, then speeds off through the water; the visual had was identical to the ripple effect that Superman leaves when he flies off into the air.

One more Easter egg that shouldn't have been missed but a lot of fans failed to acknowledge who it was unless they saw the promotional footage for Dawn of Justice beforehand. The released info gave out concept design for Ezra Miller's costume for his role as The Flash, indicating that the Flash's suit would be of a futuristic design with a metallic aesthetic to it. And the version portrayed on-screen in Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice was loyal to that interpretation. Ezra Miller was only seen for seconds in the dream sequence Bruce Wayne assumed he was having. The Flash/Barry Allen was attempting to warn Bruce of 'him', not specifying who. It's likely that the Flash was referring to Superman, Superman having a devastating effect on the whole world, the Flash was attempting to warn Bruce Wayne of the potential dangers of Superman even existing. It's a stretch but the Flash/Barry Allen could have already known of how the events in Dawn of Justice were going to play out, along with knowing that Superman does die at the end but he doesn't stay dead. The Flash's warning to Bruce Wayne could have been of that inevitability occurring, seemingly knowing that Superman's destiny to die by Doomsday results in Superman being resurrected as a completely different person with different intentions than the original Kal-El/Clark Kent/Superman had.

Here's the list of other Easter Eggs as they seemed relevant to the DC' Expanded Universe's future.

Batman-Robin: Jason Todd's Robin costume held up in a memorial at the Batcave

Batman-The Riddler- The scriblled question mark identical to the Riddler's calling card symbol, inscribed on one of the pillars in one of the buildings that Bruce Wayne/Batman utilizes in trapping Superman doing their epic fight.

LexCorp Files proving the existence of The Flash/Barry Allen, Diana Prince/ Wonder Woman, Arthur Curry/ Aquaman, and the creation of Cyborg/Victor Stone via means of alien technology infused with his critically damaged body

Dialogue from Zod's ship- The archive within the ship has a symposium of knowledge that extends past 100,000 worlds. Vast storage of knowledge such as this have had ties to Braniac in DC' comics

A third grave in the Wayne family tomb. Martha Wayne and Thomas Wayne fill two slots, whose in the other. Only a glimpse shows that their is a name inscribed on the burial plot next to Bruce Wayne's parents but it's never clearly visible. The burial plot could be that of Jason Todd, whom already has a memorial placed in the Batcave.

Nod to comic-book stories- Ben Affleck's portrayal as the aged Batman is identical to Frank Miller's version of Batman from "The Dark Knight Returns" series. And Robin's suit placed as a memorial in the Batcave is a nod to the comic-book story "Death in the Family" wherein Jason Todd(Robin) is murdered by the Joker.

Dialogue from Bruce Wayne to Alfred Pennyworth- "How many heroes are left in Gotham, and how many of those heroes stayed heroes?" The implication of this dialogue means that at some point in Bruce Wayne's history as Batman, he fought alongside other crime-fighters/heroes that eventually turned to a life of crime or passed away due to various circumstances. The heroes turned villain that Bruce Wayne is most likely speaking of is that of his former protege, Jason Todd. Jason Todd took the moniker of the Red Hood after he was resurrected using the Lazarus Pit. Bruce Wayne is likely speaking of Jason Todd because Jason's return to Gotham as the Red Hood brought with him a slew of criminal activity that Batman wouldn't let stand in his city.

Wonder Woman's Picture- The picture of Wonder Woman with her battalion from 1914 era, found in the LexCorp files, teases the upcoming release of Wonder Woman(2017).

Conclusion of Doomsday fight with Superman- The fight concluded identically to the comic-book series for which it is based on. Doomsday and Superman duke it out for an unspecified amount of time, and the resulting feud ends with Superman defeating Doomsday but succumbing to his wounds in the process. Superman is eventually revived in two different adaptations, one in which his body just takes time to rejuvenate and the other, is when someone takes Superman's corpse to The Fortress of Solitude and is able to revive Superman/Kal-El there using the technology available there.

Those are all the relevant Easter eggs I picked up on after seeing Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice. Did I miss any other important ones, if I did, leave some info below.


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