ByJay Vardhan Sharan, writer at

Being a huge fan of superhero movies, I finally watched the much awaited and much hyped Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice and I felt the movie wasn't really upto the mark. The internet is flooded with a lot of criticism already but I would like to highlight one major flaw of the movie.

I follow both Marvel and DC universe and you must have observed that in Marvel the superheroes are given much respect, compared to DC. For instance as seen in avengers, Thor, Stark and Hulk often cross ways and fight with one another. Stark being a man goes toe to toe with the God Thor and the Beast Hulk. Three of them fight but none wins as all three of them have a fan following and they cannot portray one character dominating the other.

In yesterdays movie I figured out that the brawl between Batman and Superman was one sided and Batman dominated in every aspect of the movie. In my opinion some credibility had to be given to Superman too.

By credibility I not only mean Supes power showcasing, but I needed a better character justification. Superman in the movie looked really dumb and he had no clue what's going on. If we go deep down into the comic world we end up realising Superman not only possesses unmatchable strength but he's also known for his intelligence (Well am not saying he should have dominated the Bat, but he could've done little better in the movie).

They should have made the movie keeping in mind one thing, that Superman is the Best, but Batman is the Greatest...


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