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6 I would pull the Superman forward have his rescue of Lois up front . I would of introduced Batman to Lois as they investigated the bullet. Have bats find out about the meta humans. While finding out about the kryptonite. Have the metas watch as the whatever doomsday monster now is beats on Superman. Batman stops to talk to each on retelling how the events of 18 months prior with the zod fight felt to him. How now he knows that man is the light of hope to unite us in a new dawning age of humanity. And have them join in the fight. Man of steel, dawn of justice. Because if you're going to grab hold of every fanboy and girls heart you going to have to grab it damn it. You want to show the Scarlet speedsters blur rushing in. You want to see cyborgs blaster fire. You want to see drive his Trident into the beast. You want to hear Wonder Woman slash with her sword. Then to see a Superman delivering a super sonic fist to doomsday face. And a blank screen. Fans get pissed that it's still dark. For me they don't even have to go beyond that point. But you could finish the fight with Alfred dropping off a spear via the batjet. Then the heroes rally and defeat doomsday.... Move today's the daily planet headline Why We Need Superman. Politicians coming to Superman's defense from the desert cover up and the bombing of the Senate. To where the scout ship was a Hall of Justice being built for the newly gather heroes. A place to interact with law enforcement and the greater world. Some puns. Then a glimpse of the darkness that awaits. Man of Steel Dawn of Justice.

This BVS is forced. I give you Batman looks fanserived up. But he isn't a detective. Name of the boat could of been googled searched. Alfred even told him it might not be a man he seeks or a person. Wonder woman steals his toys. And even after reading a file on her has no clue who she is. That's why I still say Ben sucks

They would of giving a live action big screen showing of why the world needs Superman. So you can have between the credits film of a daily planet Why we need Superman. People reading. People at the sigh


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